13 Simple Changes You Can Make to Look Better


We’ve all met someone who is always well dressed for any occasion. Some people have great style, but it has nothing to do with their body type or size. It’s the little things they do to improve the fit of their clothing. As an example, adding a bright-colored accent to a pastel or boring dress. Alternatively, getting everything to fit perfectly.

Dress appropriately for your age.

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What looks well on you as you get older changes. Crop tops with spaghetti straps, for example, don’t work as well in your 40s as they did in your teens and early twenties. It’s not about hiding your flaws; it’s about bringing out your best characteristics.

Chrissy Teigen used to wear a yellow strapless tube dress, but now she wears a lacy, feathery gown that looks stunning on her.

To avoid muffin tops and waist rolls, size bigger.


When your waistband is overly tight, any fat on your waist pours out over and above the belt, resulting in a muffin top. Even the nicest suit might be ruined by it. We come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to size up or down to accommodate your waistline.

This is true for both men and women. The waistband should be soft and not dig into your skin or generate any bulges. Any spillovers will be accentuated if you wear a top that is excessively tight. If your waist bulges bother you, you might go for a higher waisted outfit to appear terrific.

Underneath the wrong suit, the incorrect br-a.

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At the beach, or if you’re a star making a fashion statement on the red carpet, it’s completely OK to wear an attire that exposes your breast. In most cases, however, a br-a and other undergarments are worn to offer support and preserve hygiene in the workplace or in everyday life.

Make sure your underwear and br-a are a good fit for you. Straps that are too tight or too loose, as well as underwear that bunches at the crotch, can ruin an outfit and cause discomfort.

Heels with pointed toes are both awful for your feet and poor for fashion.

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Because our feet do not point in the centre, the sole purpose of excessively pointed shoes, or heels, is for fashion. Wearing unnecessarily beautiful shoes might be a pain in the neck during a red carpet premiere, but it can also be a pain in the neck in everyday professional and personal life. It can also be quite harmful to your feet.

Wear heels and shoes, but make sure they fit well and are actually comfortable before purchasing. The greatest heels have a gently rounded toe and heels that conform to the curve of your foot.

The wrong belt can bring an outfit down.

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Both men and women can wear a thin classic belt to the office. These are normally leather, 1-1.5 inches thick, and have a modest gold or silver buckle. They might be metallic or complement the colour of the dress for women.

Weekends and parties call for studded, thicker, jazzier belts. Also, with a belt, don’t go overboard with the contrast. On a black dress, a black belt is appropriate, while a bright yellow belt is excessive.

Combining too many prints only looks fantastic on the runway.

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There’s a reason why haute couture is limited to catwalks and red carpet appearances. Quirky, wacky fashion does not lend itself to everyday wear, and not everyone is a reed-thin, towering model who can pull off any outfit.

As an accent, use a print. A single-print dress, a patterned jacket over a plain set, or a printed blouse underneath a pant or skirt suit. Stripes, checks, and polka dots are all appropriate prints for males when it comes to business. The rest will have to wait till the weekend.

Diane Kruger’s ensemble on the left is high fashion, yet it’s jarring, particularly with the boots. Her printed dress on the right has a more polished appearance.

Add a pop of colour to a monochromatic or pastel ensemble.

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Working in an office necessitates modest attire. While pastels and nudes are trendy, wearing too much of one colour in a single outfit might make you look drab. Bring a bright colour closer to your face to draw attention to it. A vibrant scarf, shirt, or blouse can completely transform a monotone ensemble.

Kate Hudson’s all-nude pantsuit is lovely, but Cate Blanchett’s jacket and red lips stand out more in the photo above.

Dark lips or dark eyes are both options. Never do both at the same time.

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Makeup is more of an art than a science, yet it follows a fairly strict premise. You can do whatever you want during parties and other events, but when it comes to work or everyday cosmetics, you should only emphasise one thing.

Keep the eyes and cheeks light if you’re wearing bright or black lipstick. Wear a pastel or nude hue on your lips to draw attention to your eyes. Remember that when it comes to cosmetics, less is always more.

Remove the mismatched socks and quirky neckties from your ensemble.

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Dinosaur ties might have looked nice on Ross in the classic sitcom Friends, but they jolt the senses in real life. So do mismatched socks in bright colours. In casual circumstances, show off your quirky side; for business, stick to the tried and true.

Neckties come in paisleys, stripes, checks, and dots. Socks should be basic and complement the pants or shoes. Of course, on the weekend, play around with patterns. Remember, for formal occasions, keep the knots basic and medium in size.

Always dress appropriately for the weather.

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It’s an evening out, and you’re wearing a dress you really like. It’s only that it’s 0 degrees outside and the dress is lace. All you have to do now is wait for the weather to warm up.

The fabrics you use must be appropriate for the weather. In the summer, no wool, knits, or terrycloth; in the winter, no cotton, silk, or lace. In Friends, Monica and Rachel wore jackets as bridesmaids, whereas Phoebe wore a bridal gown in the snow.

Only use a single piece of shredded or chemically treated cloth as an accent.

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A good punk rock jacket is something we all appreciate. Or a pair of jeans with more than the required three holes. While it’s fine to wear one ripped, studded, or otherwise chemically treated accent piece, don’t construct an entire outfit out of it. Unless you’re attending a costume party, of course.

Get everything fitted, even if you’re buying off the shelf.


No matter how expensive or well-made a piece of clothing is, it will not make you look nice if it does not fit properly. Even if you’re buying clothes off the rack, make sure they’re fitted to your physique. This is true for both men and women in formal suits, blazers, and jackets, as well as pantsuits and dresses.

A well-fitting, lower-cost ensemble will likely look nicer than an ill-fitting Armani or Gucci set.

Ensure that your sleeves end at the wrist.


Sleeves that extend past the wrist are ideal for beachwear or a bohemian dress. Drawstring pants with the string out are the same. It’s great if the sleeves end at the wrist for formal use. Waistlines should be neat, with buttons and zips, and no strings for formals.

Everything billowy and with a drawstring is only appropriate for casual days.

Have you ever had an irritated relationship with your clothes? What do you think should be added to this collection of better-dressing advice?