10 Situations That 99 Out of 100 Girls Are Familiar With


In her own way, every girl is special and exceptional. Many of us, however, suffer the same unexpected assaults of gluttony while on a diet and when we’re insulted, give the silent treatment. No matter how distinct we are, all of these aspects unite us. The important thing to remember as a woman is to stay calm and know that even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances, you are not alone.

“When people think that they hurt me”

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Making a good first impression is always necessary.

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All the mirrors in public places seem to be mocking you when you’re small.

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Fashion today favors the comfort of women more than in previous years.

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“You can always tell, by looking at her knees, whether your girlfriend is mad at you.”

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Gentlemen should be put on the Red List of Endangered Species nowadays.

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When you’re at a party and your mate tells you all about the man you just talked to:

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When you’re in a relationship, sometimes it becomes an uphill battle to keep up a picture.

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Being a grownup implies being realistic.

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“When I finish my makeup vs. when I start”

“This is me trying to look younger after a kid on the street called me ’Auntie’.”

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Which of these circumstances have you experienced since the compilation? In the comments, please tell us about it!

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