Someone Asked Alia Bhatt Why Ranbir Never Looks Happy With You And Her Reply Went Viral Instantly


Recently, an old video of Alia Bhatt became viral again, explaining why Ranbir Kapoor usually looks serious in pictures. The actress also revealed who is in charge of getting the star to smile and laugh.

A popular Bollywood pair, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor got married in 2022 after courting for several years.

They brought their daughter Raha into the world that same year. Even though they constantly share pictures of their loving relationship, some internet commenters claim they don’t have any chemistry. In the previously stated video, Alia further explained why Ranbir appears serious in photos.

Because of his serious facial expressions in pictures, Alia was asked whether Ranbir laughs or grins at home during a promotional event for her movie “Darlings.” She clarified that Ranbir’s naturally deep-set eyes give his appearance in pictures a sombre or solemn quality.

Why does Ranbir Kapoor appear sombre and solemn in photos? Alia Bhatt explains!

Later in the talk, Alia related personal tales and compared Ranbir’s dejected appearance to her sporadic harsh expressions. She highlighted that, in reality, Ranbir is frequently cheerful and that she is largely responsible for making him laugh and grin, stating:

“Basically, he has those sunken eyes which make him look either serious or sad but that is just his face. Like very often, people tell me I look tensed with my frown-focused face, but that’s just how I am. That’s just his face. Ranbir is always smiling and laughing, but maybe you can say I am the one who makes him laugh and smile.”

Watch the viral video here:

Viewers responded to the video in a variety of ways. While some questioned whether Ranbir and Alia’s romance would last, others commended Alia for her poised answer. Some, meanwhile, took issue with Alia’s propensity for going into too much detail.

In a different episode, Alia Bhatt talked about how many thought Ranbir Kapoor was a “toxic” husband because he didn’t like her daring lipstick choices when they were courting. By posting a cute picture of herself with Ranbir and referring to him as her “happy place” where she can be herself, she refuted this narrative.

In addition, Alia looked retro in a black saree at a recent London promotional event for her film “Poacher.” She did, however, playfully respond to critiques of her “loud” nature, drawing parallels with Ranbir’s previous comments about her being “loud.”