Akshay Kumar Reveals Son Aarav ‘So Simple’ That ‘Wears Second-Hand Clothes’…, Got Trolled Badly


Aarav, the couple’s first child, was born in 2002 to Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Their daughter Nitara was born in 2012. Last year, Aarav turned 21. Although Aarav is a celebrity child, Akshay stated in the premiere episode of cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s new talk show Dhawan Karenge, which aired on JioCinema on Monday, that he is more interested in pursuing a career in fashion than in movies.

‘Aarav is a very simple boy’

Additionally, Akshay talked about raising Aarav to be a simple man and his wife, novelist Twinkle Khanna. Akshay reportedly said to Shikhar, “I am happy the way Twinkle and I have brought up Aarav; he is a very simple boy,” according to a story by The Indian Express. Conversely, my daughter enjoys clothing. He is interested in fashion and does not want to work in the film industry, but we have never made him do anything. He approached me and declared, “I don’t want to work on films.” I told her, “This is your life; live it how you see fit.”

‘He left home at the age of 15’

Additionally, Akshay complimented his son on his distinct lifestyle choices. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Akshay stated that Aarav has opted to lead a modest life, doing all of the housework himself and forgoing designer clothing. The actor also talked candidly about Aarav’s desire to study overseas at the age of 15, which demonstrated his independence and self-sufficiency.

Twinkle funded kids’ education from her savings

Twinkle Khanna declared in 2022 that she has covered the cost of her kids’ education. She stated, “I’m using, what would have been my daughter’s college fund, to fund myself,” on her station Tweak India. I’ve always taken care to ensure that I cover the cost of their schooling. I want them to say that, rather than just giving me aloo parathas, my mother paid for my schooling. I have a very modest lifestyle. I don’t make any purchases using money. My relatives make fun of me and wonder why I work when I have nothing to spend.