10 Stark Pieces of Evidence That Prove Comparison Is King


Often, you need to equate it to something else in order to learn more about something. This basic approach allows us to learn more about the globe. And also, in pictures, the comparison of some stuff always looks really impressive, and here is some evidence.

1. The polar opposites are my sister and me. Her home vs mine’

2. On a New Zealand beach, a giant squid washed ashore.

3. “How do people think gambling girls play vs. how do we actually play”

 cherzinga / Twitter

4. This enormous wrench, which requires a forklift to be picked up, is used on a freight ship to operate on an engine.

5. 2 hours apart

© Westendork / Reddit

6. This IMAX Projector

 ransudz / Reddit

7. For a little while now, I’ve been teaching myself to draw photo-realistically. Here’s my best sampling of improvement from last year.

 deaki682 / Reddit

8. This mammoth skull, which was retrieved from the back yard of a farmer, is completely gigantic.

BinaryPeach / Reddit

9. These tires make the wheels of this truck look miserable.

10. The guy in the middle is 6’4″ and 267 lbs.

© maddscientist / Reddit

Do you have any pictures in this article that would look great? In the comment section below, give your comparisons.

Preview photo credit maddscientist / Reddit