10 Surprising Things Kids Do That Left Even The Most Patient Parents Unprepared


Parental care is a rewarding job, yes. It’s just no one is going to list a full explanation of what it means and no matter how much you’re trying to educate yourself, you ‘re never getting prepared enough. Not when your 5-year-old thinks to run away just because a new baby is coming.

1. After packing her stuff she tried to run away from home because she is getting a new baby sister.

2. And that guy tries to run away from home.

3. Tried to find keys, and turned the entire house upside down. Ju Ju helped … although she knew she ‘d left them in her mini car.

4. She is crazy because after me she is born even though she is 4 and I am 17.

5. For 5 minutes, they have been at this just to see who’s more dominant.

6. She doesn’t listen when he tells the baby walker that she’s too heavy.

7. Bed? What is that?

8. Niece, 5, wants a bunny and made a trap in the driveway.

9. This boy who got his priorities right.

10. Girl’s IQ 200.