Swara Bhaskar Replies After Prakash Raj Says He Is Honoured To Be Referred As Her Male Version


Prakash Raj doesn’t need to be introduced. The actor, director, and producer have made names for themselves in both South Indian and Bollywood films. Three-time National Award winner Prakash Raj has etched his name in gold in the annals of cinematic history.

Given the status of Bollywood today, where Hindi films have seen a recent quick expansion, he is one of the most beloved villains of the modern era. He seems to have decided to reinvent what it means to be an “antagonist” or “villain” in a movie.

While many people adore him for his acting, other social groups detest him for being so outspoken. Prakash, who is most known for playing evil characters in Bollywood films, has recently come under fire for his left-liberal viewpoints on a variety of subjects, particularly when those viewpoints are critical of the government, traditional Hindu society, and the Hindi-speaking community.


Whether it be because of his anti-BJP views or his egregiously disrespectful anti-Hindu remarks regarding rituals and orthodox traditions, Prakash Raj has been the new focus of right-wing sympathisers.

Speaking of the most recent incident that occurred to him, trolls made him their target for endorsing Shahrukh Khan and referred to him as the male equivalent of Swara Bhasker, the actress. He responded to the ongoing dispute as well.

Prakash Raj was chastised for asking a question about Shah Rukh Khan

Ashok Swain’s August 25 post in which he questioned the ‘abuse’ of SRK’s family was retweeted by Prakash Raj. Indian-born Swain, who now calls Sweden home, is well-known for his anti-Indian and anti-Hindu sentiments. SRK’s dance video is included in Swain’s tweet, which is captioned,

“How could they put him and his family go through such harassment and trauma when he has been for decades giving the country love and joy!”

In his tweet, Prakash Raj wrote,

His post sparked a lot of conflicting responses from the various stakeholders. While many people are in favour of him for raising the issue of SRK and his son’s legal fight in a drug case, many others were offended by this tweet. He was cruelly ridiculed for posting this tweet.

When compared to Swara Bhaskar, Prakash Raj gives a perfect response

One user commented on his post during this time and said,

“prakacha has tweeted, whether it is visible to you or not that tweet is not worth of a cent also, he is the male version of @ReallySwara”

Prakash Raj responded immediately and passionately to it. He cited his remarks and added the following caption:

“I am HONOURED to be called as the male version of @ReallySwara … who’s version are you #justasking”

Within minutes, his tweet gained a lot of attention and he received accolades for his creative response. Even the actress Swara Bhasker notices this tweet. She referenced the tweet and wrote,

“Sir sir sir!!! You are you .. best version ever!”

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Let me point you that Swara Bhasker is highly renowned for raising social issues online, just like Prakash Raj. She is also a well-known opponent of the ruling party in India at the moment. She has consequently frequently come under attack from right-wing or pro-government individuals.