Swiggy Guy Completely ‘Ignores’ Taapsee Pannu & Walks Past, Netizens Say ‘Give Him an Award’, Swiggy Responded


Netizens have taken notice of a recent event involving actress Taapsee Pannu and a Swiggy delivery agent, emphasising the worker’s dedication to his work. The incident started when Taapsee was spotted leaving the Kromakay salon in Mumbai. The Swiggy delivery person passed her by without seeming astonished or preoccupied.

Video Goes Viral on Social Media

X user Divya Gandotra Tandon recorded the event on camera and posted it to social media. “Hey @Swiggy, this delivery partner deserves an incentive for his dedication!! 😬😂,” she said, praising the delivery worker for his commitment. The video went viral right after, inspiring and amusing internet users to leave many comments and replies.

Swiggy’s Witty Response

In response to the video, Swiggy made a clever comment that showed how much they valued the delivery agent’s professionalism and attention to detail. “Unbothered,” they tweeted. hydrated. Joyful. Within My Lane. concentrated. thriving This reaction increased the amount of talk about the issue, with many people praising Swiggy’s astute management of the crisis as well as the delivery agent.

Netizens React

The video moved Social media users and expressed their respect for the delivery agent’s commitment. Seeing someone so committed to their work despite being a celebrity was a welcome sight for many. Remarks expressed varied emotions, from humour to real gratitude, emphasising how the delivery agent’s professionalism provided a good example.

Taapsee Pannu’s Reaction

Even though Taapsee Pannu hasn’t addressed the issue in public, it has undoubtedly brought a fun and happy moment to the normal commotion of celebrity sightings in Mumbai. The devoted delivery agent she encountered serves as a reminder of the diligent people who make the city’s services run efficiently.

This episode demonstrated the professionalism of the Swiggy delivery agent and the value of professionalism in all spheres of life. The widely shared video and the following comments highlight how commonplace events can serve as social media fodder for creativity and entertainment. Regarding the Swiggy delivery agent, his continuous attention to detail has undoubtedly won him a well-earned moment of praise.