10 Humiliating Tasks Bigg Boss Contestants Had To Do For Their Survival


Bigg Boss is one of the most popular television shows in India. There are numerous debates and twists and turns during the game. The show has been transformed into a variety of regional languages as a result of its success. Bigg Boss is currently available in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and more languages. Season after season, with Salman Khan as a presenter in the Hindi adaptation, the show is reaching new heights in popularity.

Even though everyone around you and me seems to detest it, Bigg Boss is a show that routinely draws enormous audiences. Many individuals watch the show as a form of ‘guilty pleasure.’ Despite being faced with numerous difficult and humiliating trials, contestants are encouraged to remain in the house because to its tremendous popularity.

They’re fighting, falling in love, hating each other, making friends, being betrayed by friends, and doing whatever else is required to get the cameras rolling and engross the audience. It’s as though you’re watching a live Bollywood film with millions of viewers.


However, this show has attracted a lot of attention in the past due to Bigg Boss’s bizarre and humiliating tasks, which make the viewers uncomfortable. But what are our options? That is exactly what some folks desire. Regardless of how much we despise some of the Bigg Boss challenges, it is the spicy content that has catapulted TRPs and is the show’s most important source of entertainment.

Here are some of the tasks that are occasionally uncomfortable, unpleasant, or unusual in nature, and will make you wonder if participants were required to complete them:

Bathing in cow dung

Participants on Bigg Boss season seven were required to bathe in cow poo, which they dutifully did. Ratan Rajput was the focus of attention in this exercise because he not only conquered the challenge but also appeared to be very comfortable doing so, but at what cost?


Taking a drink from the dog’s water bowl

Kushal Tandon was told to drink water from the bowl of Heaven, a magnificent golden retriever who was confined in the house, during Bigg Boss season 7. Can you guess the outcome? He actually pulled it off! But he couldn’t stop himself and puked shortly after. This task appears to be completely useless and unfunny. I’m not sure who came up with this idea for Bigg Boss.


Applying a chilli paste on the skin

Participants were requested to put Chilli paste on each other during one of the show’s most contentious challenges, in an attempt to break the opponent’s patience. While the strategy worked, it resulted in a number of meltdowns, including Gautam Gulati, the eventual winner. I mean, it’s not like it’s a human task. It’s something that only the devil can export.


Having pee thrown at you by the other competitor

During one of the tasks on season 10 of Bigg Boss, Swami Om peed in a mug and hurled it at Bani J and Rohan Mehra. As a result, he was kicked out of his home. Despite the fact that Swami Om’s behaviour was unjustifiable, he was eliminated, but the major question is who assigned this mission to him. What is the point of doing such a task? Seriously? Is this amusing?


Hairstyling on national television

This may not seem like a big matter to others, but it was a big deal to actors whose livelihoods are based on how they look! Apoorva Agnihotri, a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 7, was the one who did this. We have to acknowledge that some artists and actresses, such as Apoorva Agnihotri, only look glamorous with long hair.

When he shaved his head to help his group win a mission, even his wife and other criminals were taken aback. Shilpa, on the other hand, appeared to be unappreciative of the gesture. His reputation as a team player was well-known, and he was calm and tranquil in comparison to the other applicants. What can we say when he acted on his own volition?


to imitate a pet dog

Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant were forced to ‘play fetch’ and reply to the names Oscar and Snooky, respectively, in a torturous job given by Bigg Boss in which Suyyash and Kishwar had to behave like Rishabh’s pet dog in the 9th season of Bigg Boss. This, predictably, resulted in a lot of ugly crying and fighting. Bigg Boss, I believe, like conflicts, particularly among buddies. That’s why he assigned this duty to this group.


On live television, peeing in one’s pants

In the 11th season of Bigg Boss, the house captain was determined by the participant who rode the exercise bike the longest. Everything appeared to be going well up until this point, and the work appeared to be uncomplicated, but when the second conditions, that they must continue to drink water, were announced, everyone became upset. Puneesh Sharma remained seated on the bike despite peeing in his pants.

One of our most embarrassing childhood memories is peeing in our trousers, which I still remember. Can you image the level of shame if any grownup pooped in their trousers on live television? Finally, TRP is significant.


removing hair and eating 20 chillies

Bigg Boss asks contestant Arti Singh to shave her head and consume 20 chillies in the 13th season of Bigg Boss. The worst part is that, despite her best attempts, she was unable to complete the work. I really feel sorry for her.


Applying a mixture of cow excrement and mud to one’s body

On Bigg Boss 13, a task required contestants to split into two teams: physicians and patients. To get the patients off the operation table, the physicians had to torture them. When Paras Chhabra applied a mud-cow dung mixture on Siddharth Shukla’s body, he went too far. Siddharth isn’t sure he can stand it.


Having spray and foam sprayed all over your body and face

As seen in Season 14, the contestants obeyed Bigg Boss’s orders and smeared shaving cream and everything else they could find on their opponents’ faces. Isn’t it amusing? But things swiftly escalate since Bigg Boss is just interested in drama, not a joyful Holi celebration.

That’s why he says to make do with what you’ve got. Contestants, how unfortunate! They had to give it their all just to win a title and some reward money.