12 Things Our Moms Did That Prove They’re Real Heroines


The world is home to more than 2 billion mothers. And they all have one thing in common — well, 2 things: they love their children and they are all heroines. We sacrifice anything for us and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful.

1. A mom can heal any family member, even if she wishes to heal herself.

2. She’s not making us blame for changing her body.

3. A mother forgets good sleep so we can get it.

4. She makes use of all her imagination so we’re not hungry

5. No matter what she does, a mother runs to our first call.

6. And she is always there even at night to help us.

7. A mom always accepts us and the choices we make.

8. She sacrifices her needs to make us happier.

9. And her superpower of finding our stuff is just mind-blowing!

10. A mother respects our differences and lets us speak out.

11. She is patient and can wait forever for us.

12. And even if a mom knows what kind of childbirth is like, she does it bravely again, as we are her greatest joy.

We’re talking about moms being total heroines! What another word would you use to describe mums?