This Actor Went From Washing Dishes At Saif-Kareena’s Wedding To Starring In Panchayat


Since its premiere last month, Panchayat season 3 has been the talk of the town. After a two-year break, the third season debuted and quickly gained popularity thanks to its well-written storyline and strong acting.

This season, viewers saw the development of many of their favourite characters, including Prahlad Cha (played by Faisal Malik) and Vikas (played by Chandan Roy). Ganesh, also known as Damaad ji, was the character who caught most people off guard with a morally balanced tale arc.

In the first season of Panchayat, Ganesh marries a Phulera girl, and for the wedding to be a success, Jitendra Kumar, who plays Sachiv ji, must give up his office chair. Aasif Khan’s portrayal of Ganesh, which is known for the classic sentence “Gajab bejjati hai,” also became a highly popular meme.

The actor became well-known for his parts in Mirzapur, Pataal Lok, Panchayat, Jamtara, and other OTT series. Before attaining the notoriety and acclaim he currently enjoys, the actor worked at several odd jobs and tiny roles, so things weren’t always easy.

Aasif Khan revealed in a recent podcast that he was employed as a kitchen assistant at the hotel where Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were married. He was doing double duty at the hotel as a server and dishwasher. He requested permission from his management to meet the stars as an aspiring actor, but he was turned down. The actor was devastated because, despite being so near to the stars, he was unable to meet them.

Since then, his appearances in well-liked online series have helped Aasif amass a sizable fan base. In addition to Panchayat, he portrayed Kabir in Pataal Lok and Babar in the second season of Mirzapur, both of which brought him great acclaim.