10 Times People Proved Hard Work Always Pays Off


Losing almost half your body weight, getting in shape following heart surgery, after 10 years of marriage and multiple miscarriages, renewing your vows. These are the parts of our lives where, after going through challenges, we are rewarded at the end.

1. I took my wedding dress out today to take photographs before I donated it. What a beautiful reminder of how far I have come! ”

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2. “I’ve got new prosthetics today! This will encourage me, like playing floorball and hiking, to do activities I did before! ”

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3. “These photos were taken at the same restaurant, but they were about two years apart.”

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4. Heart surgery, beat me! ”

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5. “It never ceases to amaze me to look at old pictures of myself. A long way, I’ve come. Don’t give up ever! ”

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6. “My most intense construction to date. Seeing my nephew’s face light up was so worth it! ”

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7. I decided to write a book about bullying as a young adult. I wouldn’t be able to use a notebook for my cashier work, so I began writing it on receipts. I finally published my novel this year.’

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8. I had to post because my first target, my pre-pregnancy weight, was finally achieved! ”

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9.“Remodel Half Bath.”

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10. I nearly passed away in March, graduated in May, got married later in May, and then went to Thailand. Through it all, she was there with me! It’s my wife I love! ”

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11. “2020 is keeping a big part of me with it!”

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In 2020, what was your greatest achievement? Do you have pictures of the event? Share it with us, please!

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