Here’s how Urfi Javed and Paras Kalnawat turned their bitter relationship into a good friendship


Here is how Urfi Javed and Paras Kalnawat transformed their nasty relationship into a good friendship after an awful breakup.

Urfi Javed, a social media celebrity, and Paras Kalnawat, a cast member of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10, gained attention for their endearing dance performance at their close friend Anjali Arora’s birthday celebration. When the two first connected on the set of the television programme “Meri Durga” in 2017, their relationship lasted for about five months. They experienced their fair share of ups and downs in their friendship and relationship, including dating for a few months, an awkward breakup, and now being friends once more. Everything you need to know about their tense relationship, which has since evolved into a friendship.

Urfi Javed and Paras Kalnawat Co-stars in Meri Durga


The beginning of Paras and Urfi’s romance took place on a television set. The two connected right away after meeting on the set of “Meri Durga” in 2017. The two eventually called it quits when things didn’t work out for them for a while.

Urfi Javed and Paras Kalnawat’s ugly fall-out


Urfi Javed, a well-known internet personality with a reputation for candour, made it quite plain that she didn’t value her connection with Paras. Just one month into dating, she admitted that she wanted to call it quits. Also revealed were Paras’ insecurities and possessiveness toward Urfi.

Urfi Javed and Paras Kalnawat controversy about the Tattoos


When it was revealed that Anupamaa celebrity Paras even had tattoos done for her then-girlfriend Urfi Javed, fans were quite astonished. The online sensation, however, wasn’t very cool with that and declared that she wouldn’t get back together with Paras even if he had tattoos all over his body for her.

Paras’ response to the conversation

Paras revealed his relationship with Urfi Javed in an exclusive interview with ETimes TV. The actor admitted that it was his first romance and that he was only 19 at the time, so he handled it differently at the time. “I have no animosity for Urfi. About five years ago, we were together for six months. It was my first relationship, even if it didn’t last very long. So it’s clear that I was smitten with her. Just 19 at the time. But it was over, so I went on. Being referred to as possessive has no impact on me as long as the people who are important to me know me and I know who I am as a person. I have a lot of female friends because they trust me to never cross the line. I’m not sure what Urfi was going through when she made that statement about me. I also don’t dwell on the past. I like to focus on the here and now. Today, we respect one another and are friendly. When I’m unsure, I message her. She offers advice, which I consider. We both have fantastic times in our lives right now, he continued.

Urfi Javed’s entry in the TV show Anupamaa was cancelled?

When her appearance on the popular TV show Anupamaa was cancelled due to her ex-boyfriend Paras Kalnawat, Urfi Javed couldn’t keep her calm. The actress gave specifics of their relationship and described it as a “childhood mistake.” The actress claimed that although she was scheduled to enter the programme, Paras had her entry in the event cancelled since his then-girlfriend didn’t want her to be in the same performance as him. “He won’t collaborate with me,” alleged Urfi. We were expected to collaborate on “Anupamaa” tasks. He asked the casting staff not to use me. No matter if she is his girlfriend now or not, she doesn’t want us to collaborate. So innocent!”

Urfi and Paras ditch the past and become friends again

After years of turmoil and controversy, the two made the decision to put their differences aside and rekindle their friendship. It all began when Urfi posted a thank-you message on her Instagram story for Paras’ Jhalak Dance performance. The two then reaffirmed their agreement to be friendly and give their friendship a shot. The same was acknowledged with joy and excitement by the fans.

The viral dance video of Paras and Urfi