Jasmine Dhunna: Remember Veerana Actress Jasmine Dhunna? Her sizzling Photos Go VIRAL


Veerana Actress Jasmine Dhunna: Veerana, a supernatural horror-thriller film directed by the Ramsay brothers, is a must-see for any 90s youngster. Jasmine Dhunna was the reason for the film’s success. Her Sexy ghost avatar drew a lot of attention, and it left people speechless. Veerana is a film that stands out as one of Jasmine’s most well-known.


Jasmine Dhunna looks stunning in red!

Jasmine Dhunna made her Bollywood debut in the 1979 crime drama film Sarkari Mehmaan, directed by N. D. Kothari and starring Vinod Khanna.

Jasmine Dhunna Hot and bold

Jasmine Dhunna last appeared in the film Divorce, which was released in 1985. However, it was with the release of Veerana in 1988 that Jasmine became an overnight sensation.



Jasmine Dhunna, who played the princess and the ghost in the horror film Veerana, drew attention for her enthralling sequences and oh-so-perfect-looking face. However, the actress abruptly left the Bollywood profession, and Veerana has remained her most recent blockbuster film.

Jasmine Dhunna looks Alluring 

She appeared to have gone from the film industry after her smash film Veerana, and netizens have been curious about her location and current appearance. According to multiple sources, Jasmin Dhunna has relocated to the United States and is currently residing there. It hasn’t been verified yet, though!

If looks could kill!

Meanwhile, in 2017, speaking about Jasmine’s whereabouts, Shyam Ramsay, who produced Jasmine’s movie, Veerana, in an interview with Hindustan Times, has revealed that the actress was in Mumbai. Her mother had passed away and she was greatly affected by the heart-breaking decease of her mother who she was enormously close to. The director added that after her mother left for her heavenly abode, Jasmine Dhunna decided to quit the Bollywood industry.

Jasmine Dhunna

Many reports claimed that Jasmine Dhunna is currently married to an American, however, many netizens also feel that she’s no more. Her abrupt departure from the Hindi film industry and whereabouts continue to remain a mystery for everyone.