‘We Were Like Husband & Wife’ When Aditya Pancholi Accused Kangana For Betraying Him

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Kangana Ranaut has always been known for sharing her raw emotions, since she does not believe in sugarcoating her statements. She has consistently made news for a variety of reasons, ranging from politics to her personal views on life in general.

Her affair with senior actor Aditya Pancholi was the talk of the town back then. The Manikarnika actress opened out about how the actor treated her badly and how she was subjected to a lot of emotional abuse as a result.

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Aditya Pancholi accused Kangana Ranaut of betraying him and presented his side of the storey in a throwback interview with Mumbai Mirror. He stated that she owed him money in 2008 because of how he supported her financially.

“She called me a while back and said she needed money to buy a property, roughly Rs 1 crore.” (This was after she had filed a police report against me.) I contacted a banking buddy and acted as her guarantor, obtaining a Rs 50 lakh loan for her. Then I offered her Rs 55 lakh in cash, which I had in my pocket. She has returned Rs 25 lakh of this. He explained, “She still owes me Rs 30 lakh.”

“We had the chemistry of a husband and wife. On Yari Road, I was literally constructing a home for both of us. We shared a room at a friend’s house for three years. When I met Kangana, she didn’t have a single dime. On the drive, I noticed her for the first time. She was on the point of losing her mind. It was the 27th of June, 2004. She was soaked and riding a bike with an Asha Chandra Acting Institute student… It was pouring outside. She walked up to me and said a friendly hello. I remembered a common friend had urged me to assist her when she arrived in Mumbai when she mentioned she was ‘Kangana.’ Kangana began calling me repeatedly after that, until I decided to meet with her. She was a charming small-town girl at first. He confessed, “I fell in love with her.”

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According to the shocking interview, things between the two started to go apart when she travelled to South Africa for a filming assignment. “While she was sleeping, I read her texted texts to another actor after she returned. Her text messages were far from innocent. And I remembered that she had used the same terms for this actor when she had called me from South Africa. That was the first time I smacked her in the face. We fought and reconciled “he stated After his wife accused Kangana of misbehaving, the love tale devolved into an ugly verbal brawl. Well, it appears that everything works out in the end.

 Source: India Today