Wedding Photographer Denied Access to ‘Shaadi Ka Khaana’ Sparks Debate


A wedding photographer has revealed a disturbing story about being denied access to the sumptuous feast known as “shaadi ka khana” at a wedding, along with their team.

The treatment of service providers at such gatherings has been the subject of an online controversy triggered by this discovery.

Indian weddings are known for their lavishness and magnificence; no cost is spared to create truly remarkable events. Indian weddings are like festivals, with lavish settings, high-end clothing, and professional photographers documenting every detail.

The desire to capture these moments for future generations via social media and personal archives has led to an increase in demand for professional wedding photographers.
Similar to cinema, wedding photography has developed into an exacting art form with photographers using top-notch equipment and knowledgeable crews. As the aforementioned instance serves as an example, some photographers experience contempt during weddings despite the significant time and work invested.

A wedding photography company described on social media how the customer refused to let them into the wedding feast. They were given packed meals rather than the same hospitality given to guests, raising questions about basic manners.

The article brought up important issues regarding how service providers are treated and whether or not they are invited to the celebrations. It underscored how crucial it is to recognise the achievements of the unsung heroes of the event—behind-the-scenes personnel like waiters, caterers, and makeup artists—who toil diligently to make sure everything runs well.

Watch the viral video here:

The photographer’s predicament has elicited varying reactions on social media. Given the high rates for their services, some people understand the photographer’s point of view, but others contend that serving separate meals is a fair compromise. The conversation also touches on the financial side, taking into account the extra expenses related to catering for weddings.

In the end, the story highlights the need for reciprocal respect and thoughtfulness during weddings, acknowledging the contributions of all those involved in creating a memorable day. Every position plays a part in making the event a success, from the caterer presenting mouthwatering food to the photographer capturing priceless moments.