What Happens to Our Fat When We Lose Weight


Diets and body image have become so common that at least 43% of people said they followed a diet in the previous year. However, most of us are unaware of what happens to our body fat when we lose weight. In reality, until recently, how we get rid of body fat was still a mystery to a large number of doctors.

Not all fat is eliminated through the bathroom.


The assumption that all of our body fat is removed through the toilet is a common misconception. However, just 3.5 pounds of fat in 22 pounds of fat transforms into water, which can then be converted into urine, feces, or other bodily fluids, according to this report.

It doesn’t turn into energy.


Despite the fact that the majority of family physicians, dieticians, and personal trainers still believe body fat converts to energy, this belief has already been disproven. In fact, the Conservation of Energy law states that our energy remains constant over time and cannot be added or removed.

We eliminate our body fat by breathing.


It can come as a surprise that we lose body fat through our lungs, but it is real. While we breathe out 84 percent of almost everything we consume as carbon dioxide, this does not mean that merely breathing can help us lose weight.

The key is to consume less calories and move around.


If you try to breathe more in order to lose weight, you will not only struggle, but you will also hyperventilate and get dizzy. Experts have shown that the key is to not overeat and to select an exercise routine that increases the metabolic rate, such as jogging or cycling.

What did you think happened to your body fat? What are the weight-loss strategies?