What’s Happening Behind the Scenes in Victoria’s Secret Dressing Rooms


The annual Secret Fashion Show of Victoria is always a grand affair, drawing millions of people around the world. A live show of popular musicians follows this extravagant event and concludes with the long-awaited unveiling of the new Fantasy Bra, an extremely expensive bra encrusted with gemstones.

The arrangements for this lavish show last at least one year, and celebrities and other carefully chosen people are sent invitations to attend the show.

A few days before the television premiere, the filming takes place. Until 2013, all of Victoria’s Secret shows were performed in the United States and once in Cannes, France. The show’s locations have extended dramatically to parts of Europe and Asia in recent years.

In the past, months of rigorous physical exercise and dieting are done and now they have just a few days to finalise it and do their best to look beautiful on the runway.

The show is filmed twice on the appointed day in order to get the best shots on record.


Models ride on a pink-coloured plane to the destination to match the company’s theme. Sponsors, operators, global mass media reporters, bloggers and other individuals involved in the show process, along with the models, go on the same plane to the same destination.

All models wear clothes created specifically for the flight because as soon as the aircraft takes off, photoshoots for mass and social media start.

The members receive gift sets on the plane and pink blankets with symbols of Victoria’s Secret.

Pink robes

Models pose for cameras behind the curtains and take selfies in pink robes that have become an irreplaceable feature of the show backstage. These robes can be bought on the official website and before the show to make you feel like an ‘angel’.

The team

It is unclear the total number of people who are working to coordinate the show. It’s very big, though, as the beauty team itself consists of around 100 people.

The number of cosmetic products used to prepare a model for the show is surprising, with more than 40 hairspray bottles and about 150 lipgloss items.


The perfect skin tone matters and a professional is in charge of it. He begins working 1-2 days before the show with some models, and 1 day before the show with others. For each model, his job is to find the ideal sound. Moreover, in order to accentuate those body parts, he would do the contouring.

Face massage

To have the facial muscles toned, makeup artists offer acupressure, a special form of massage, before applying the makeup. As professional cosmetics do, it works just as well.

Makeup artists use ice cubes covered in a thin cloth to clean the faces of the models and pay particular attention to the delicate eye region to ‘trigger’ the skin immediately and reduce swelling.


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The make-up and hairstyling process takes about 5 hours on the day of the broadcast. Makeup artists produce eye-enhancing, realistic images. They use an eyelash curler to curl their eyelashes, add multiple coats of mascara, and use a grey-brown liner to do this.


An entire specialist team works hard on the hairstyles of the models. They use a special design called “beach waves” that looks like natural waves produced by the wind. To look even more natural, hair tongs are used to curl the locks no more than a couple of seconds and each in different directions.


The Secret Fashion Show of Victoria can be very tough on all of its participants. On account of the encrusted gemstones, some ‘angel’ wings can weigh up to 44 lbs. In order to get through the back-to-back photoshoots and shooting, it is important to have enough stamina when taking this heavy ‘accessory’ into account. This is why, before the runway show begins, models like to eat something healthy, like an energy bar or a sandwich on whole-grain bread.

Journalists claim, however, that there is a major choice of food that is not always safe and behind the curtains, there is also alcohol occasionally.

Fantasy Bra

To wear the luxurious gemstone bra, a new model is selected each year. The Fantasy Bra, estimated to cost about $2 million, was introduced by Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro this year. This masterpiece took 350 hours of hard work to create.

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