You must be knowing the meaning of an Irony! Well, Ferrari describes it better. Imagine you work for Ferrari and all you wait for is worker’s discount but instead, you are banned from buying the company’s cars. Isn’t that very disheartening to even imagine about it?

Like other car manufacturers, Ferrari doesn’t have a massive production rate. We manufacture just 8,000 cars per year and even buyers still have to wait much too long to get a hand on the luxury parts.

Besides that, they do have limited edition Hypercars which can only be bought on an invitation by selected customers. You have money so you can’t buy one anyway. You think it’s wrong but Ferrari calls it ‘Ferrari Worthy’!

Previously, Enrico Galliera, in an interview with Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, said the workers are prohibited from purchasing Ferrari vehicles.

Also Formula 1 drivers from the business are allowed to get such luxuries. Now the workers who own a Ferrari car are just Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Yet that too they had to buy without any discounts according to market demand.

The reason may be obvious that it’s against business ethics to let the workers get a car with far less production and even customers waiting too long to get a ride. What Galliera has said exactly while explaining the words.

As LaFerrari Aperta, the latest Hypercar, was introduced on the market, Galliera mailed some customers that if they were interested in buying this new car without even seeing it. He also explained that along with the royalties, they would have to pay 1.2 million euros. And those customers were involved!

Further commenting on the selection process, Galliera said,

“The toughest part of my work is to say no …… you get applications from people who don’t deserve it right at the very beginning, they just have the money. ‘I’m something’s king so I deserve the ride. I’m saying ‘Yes but you’re not a customer of Ferrari.’

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