Why We Ought to Stop Using Our Phones on the Toilet


According to a new study, a lot of us are addicted to our smartphones, and it may not be as innocent as it sounds. There are some dangers you should know if you’re someone who really can’t go to the bathroom without your phone. It may not only be detrimental to our bodies, but it also affects our minds and how well we function.

Lots of damaging bacteria can spread.

A recent study shows that phones, a very disgusting reality, are dirtier than the toilet seat itself.

It was found that cell phones were coated in E. During the examination of children in high school, coli. This harmful bacteria is associated with digestive issues such as food poisoning, but it’s not the only harmful bacteria in the bathroom that you can pick up.

Your risk of having haemorrhoids can be increased.

In reality, mobile phones disrupt our attention and thought, restricting our ability to work on an issue, even if we don’t use them or they’re switched off.

Therefore, time is important for our minds without the interruption of getting our phone out, and switching it off and spending time alone is often just what we need. This means that taking our phones to the bathroom with us takes away the precious breaks needed by our minds.

It can limit our thinking capacity.

Our focus and thought are actually disrupted by mobile phones, restricting our ability to function on a problem, even though we don’t use them or they’re switched off.

Therefore, it is important for our minds to have time without the interruption of taking our phone off, and turning it off and spending time alone is often just what we need. This ensures that the precious breaks our minds require are taken away by taking our phones with us to the toilet.

It can cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

Spending prolonged time on the toilet while our cells are disturbed may pose problems for our muscles. In particular, since the pelvis floor muscle is no longer strong enough to sustain them, our organs such as the intestine, bladder, and vagina will fall.

This is partly because of our posture, especially if we’re bent over our cells for a long time while sitting on the toilet.

It increases your reliance on your phone.

While smartphones bind us as nothing else can to the world, they’re highly addictive, too. Currently, 1 in 10 millennials would prefer to lose a finger rather than a cell. Obviously, this is not a positive indication as it indicates that we have started to switch to our surroundings.

What do you think about the addiction of society to its mobile devices? Are you in favour of it, or do you believe that it can be dangerous?