Wife Remarries Her Husband As She Falls In Love With Him Again After Losing Her Memory Everytimes


True love, they say, still finds its way. Here we got you Canada’s beautiful love story, which will make you believe the sentence. The story concerns a young woman who lost her memory in a head injury. Surprisingly, the lady falls in love with her husband again and remarries him.

Image Source: Facebook

The lady that we are debating is Laura Hart Faganello. She posted her story of incredible love in a Facebook post. She revealed in her post that she got engaged again with her boyfriend, Brayden Faganello, after two years of losing memory.

Netizens are literally going gaga about this lovely tale of love. Just a moment laura’s Facebook post received 18k likes. This isn’t it. On their accounts, only 15k people shared her message.

She was apparently having a very beautiful relationship with Brayden before Laura encountered the head injury. Then, their relationship was advanced by handwritten letters of love. Let us tell you if sources are to be believed that the couple only met once in Victoria, Canada and got married in 2016.

Only nine months of their union, a massive pole fell on Laura’s head causing her to sustain a brain injury that resulted in more memory loss.

Laura shared in her Facebook post that her next vivid recollection was waking up thinking she’s 17, and not realizing who Brayden was.

She completely forgot about her meeting with her husband, falling in love with him and getting married to him, according to Laura. And as she remarries, she assumes she’s marrying a new guy, and she doesn’t even recall a single glimpse of him.

“I desperately hoped my memory would come back, that someday I would look at Brayden and remember everything. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen,” she said.

Well with that hope, she and her husband have begun a new journey.

The wife claims she doesn’t have her old memory back, but with her old love, she has new feelings and new memories. The couple is completely pleased with this fresh start.