Russian Artist Adorably Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Characters Got Old


Lesya Guseva is a talented artist who, on her Instagram account, has given pop culture fans something to salivate about.

The Russian artist took famous characters like The Joker and Thor, turned the clock on overdrive, and gave us a glimpse of what they would look like as they grow older.

1. Batman

This Batman iteration is nice enough to have a picture taken with The Joker and seems to be able to sleep comfortably given the on-street violence that still exists.

Would Batman sleep anyway? Was that for the day?

2. Joker

This one reveals a bit of Lesya’s cycle and gives us a glimpse into how The Joker lives.

He doesn’t seem to be as nice with Batman and he’s still a makeup addict.

3. Mickey And Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie saw better days but for 90 they look fantastic. Even, you’ve got to doubt the fact they’re selling cake here.

It’s just kind of cruel to a pair of mice who are all likely to have illness through them.

4. The Flash

Donating a wheelchair to The Flash is dangerous. Of speed he is not relying on his own body, he uses the speed force.

And he can jet-set and drive down the road at full speed, even though he’s an elderly guy, like Jay Garrick in the Comics.

Someone will be hurt.

5. Wolverine / Logan

The crazy thing here is we have an old logan already.

When Hugh Jackman put the character to bed last year, he was pretty old so making him older here — cheating death — must mean he’s reaaaallllly old.

6. Thor

Thor’s hammer is certainly perfect for fighting. It’s tough and it can make him float through the air, fire all over lighting and take care of all kinds of bad guys.

It won’t be nice to hammer out a birdhouse.

7. Supergirl And Wonder Woman

Having Supergirl and Wonder Woman just hanging out at the park, feeding birds is a little to get used to, all while looking like classic old ladies.

Yet in the end, it’s great and what you’d expect from two characters who died and spent years in chaos as Batman and Superman got the spotlight.

8. Superman And Pocahontas

Why Pocahontas dances with Superman is beyond me. Also, the appearance of an IV bag on Kal-El seems like a bit of a head-scratcher, but it’s fun for them to get together and have a nice time.

Lois Lane must be a little irritated.

9. Captain America And Snow White

Captain America is wooing another Disney princess here, but his atmosphere is a little more rainy — and seems to be at Disneyland, a real place to go for Captain America.