Women Share Pics Of Drastic Body Transformations Before And After Dating


It’s impossible to stay young. And, sooner or later, everyone, including YOU, will undergo a significant change in look. Still have reservations? Ask these women, who, despite looking like supermodels before, blamed their makeovers on having infants, birth control, and comfort eating. For these women who have gained weight, unkempt hair and loose clothing have replaced slim-figure physiques and beautiful cosmetics looks. They appear to be very different people, and their partners are not to blame for their weight increase.

Jill transitioned from her pre-baby body to exhibiting the changes her body has undergone.

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Moms, Wives, and GFs have claimed that a love connection is a key factor to weight increase in the latest TikTok fad. Pregnancy and contraception are two others. Women compared their six-figure size frames to slightly more extensive versions of themselves in a series of clips published to the platform. It’s a very relatable situation. Jill (in the photo above) is a TikTok who now has two amazing children. Jill flaunted her pre-baby image in a series of mirror selfies before sharing a footage of what her body has gone through.

From her skin-tight emerald green mini dress to a baggy t-shirt and biking shorts, Leah changed.

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When she met wither man, another Leah said she was a petite size six. She went from 12 to 14 two years later, blaming the Depo-Provera contraceptive medication and devouring junk food. Leah flaunted her physical change by switching from a green-tight emerald green tiny dress to a roomy t-shirt and cycling shorts.

Lexy is unconcerned. After becoming a mother, she feels proud of her new figure.

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Mom owes a debt of gratitude to pregnancy. Lexy has a spanking new body, and she appears to be quite pleased with it. She also uploaded photos from the beginning of her relationship with her spouse, in which she wore a skin-tight outfit and a thin physique. She then cut to a footage showing herself with untidy curls and a little larger frame, carrying a kid on her hip.

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Andrianna captioned her video, “That pregnancy and healthy relationship weight gain is NO joke.”

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Women weren’t ashamed to flaunt their bodies! Andriana nailed it, and her video has over 5 million views. “That weight increase from pregnancy and a strong relationship is no laughing matter.” The video had been captioned by her. The music employed to choreograph the trend, however, is called Loghan. It’s been featured in over 70K videos, with numerous people demonstrating their bodily modifications.

As they got genuine about their bodies, GFs, moms, and wives weren’t scared to show it all.

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Massive weight gain is caused by having children, contraceptives, and comfort eating.

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@k8andmatthew ope hopping on this trend.. friendly reminder charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, don’t settle for less than true love

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It’s impossible to stay young and fit indefinitely! The snapshot of audreanina is proof.

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