Zomato Responds After Video Of Woman Hitting Delivery Agent With Shoes Goes Viral


Recently, a video of a lady reportedly striking a Zomato delivery employee with her shoes went viral, angering online users. When the incident happened, the delivery person was en route to deliver a customer’s purchase.

A Twitter user who identified themselves as the customer whose order was being handled by the Zomato delivery guy posted a video of the incident. According to the narrative of the incident, the woman reportedly took the executive’s command and began slapping him on the road with her shoes.

The film was captured by onlookers nearby, and a portion of it can be seen in the viral video.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj/Twitter

There is no audio in the popular video of the woman beating the Zomato delivery person.

The shared video is muted, which seems a little strange. It’s still a mystery because there is no audio of the exchanges between the delivery agent and the unidentified woman.

The video was posted by the customer with the caption,

“Hi @zomatocare @zomato, the delivery executive got assaulted while delivering my order (#4267443050). Some woman took the order from him and started hitting him with her footwear. He came to my place crying and terrified that he would lose his job.”

He added,

“Luckily, bystanders recorded the incident on video, though at the moment he hasn’t received one with audio. Should probably get it by tomorrow. I tried calling customer care but they weren’t able to understand and weren’t helpful.”

The Zomato user claimed on Twitter that the delivery man sobbed when he arrived at his house and narrated the entire scenario. The customer contacted Zomato’s customer service after learning about the incident. He stated:

“I don’t care about the order, your partner got assaulted, please help him”

They were advised to contact the company’s rider support service for assistance.

The Zomato customer wrote,

“He tried that but they didn’t understand Kannada, and of course, he was scared to lose his job”

The consumer requested that the online food-application company look into the problem right away and take responsibility for everything that happened. He also wanted the wrongdoer to be held accountable by the company.

He also tweeted,

Replying to the tweet, Zomato care wrote,

“Hi there, thanks for sharing this. We are getting this checked.”

As soon as the video clip became viral, internet users flooded Twitter with a variety of opinions.

The majority of those who watched the video demanded that the woman be punished for assaulting the delivery agent. They claimed that the woman had no right to infringe on the delivery person’s privacy. They were grateful to the client who made the public aware of this situation.

Look at the video and the Twitter users’ responses.

Few people, however, stated that they are interested in hearing the woman’s perspective as the video is silent. It’s still unclear how the woman described the altercation.

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