‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ shows Her Real Face In An Interview After Releasing From Iran Jail For ‘Blasphemy’


After being freed from an Iranian prison for “blasphemy,” “Zombie Angelina Jolie” revealed her true self in an interview.

Sahar Tabar, a resident of Tehran, previously caused people to assume that her appearance was the consequence of poor plastic surgery, but last week, she finally revealed who she truly is to the cameras.

Ms Tabar served 14 months out of her 10 year sentence in jail (sahartabar_officialx/Instagram)© Provided by The Independent

According to the Iran Human Rights News Agency, the 21-year-old, whose real name is Fatemah Khishvand, was imprisoned for obscenity and disparaging the headscarf.

She was detained in October 2019 and given a 10-year prison term for “corruption” and “blasphemy.”

However, according to activist Masih Alinejad, Ms Tabar was released from prison after serving just 14 months.

Ms Tabar said she edited her pictures to look like Angelina Jolie for fun (Getty Images)© Provided by The Independent

Sahar Tabar is only 19 years old, Ms Alinejad stated online after receiving a prison sentence in 2020. She was arrested due to her joke.

“Her mother begs for her innocent daughter’s release every day. We need Angelina Jolie to speak up in this situation. Help us out

Sahar Tabar showed her real face after her release from prison (Rokna/YouTube)© Provided by The Independent

She acknowledged getting lip fillers, liposuction, and a nose surgery, among other cosmetic treatments, but insisted that makeup and editing were responsible for the famed photos.

In 2017, Ms. Tabar acknowledged the fraud, telling the Russian news agency Sputnik that she had changed the images “for her own amusement.”

In the past, she had claimed to have undergone more than 50 surgeries in an effort to resemble the Hollywood actress.

Now that I look at it, I can see that I resemble (Angelina Jolie), but I enjoy myself and trying to appear like anyone is not my goal, the woman stated.