5 Times Ranveer Singh Was Spotted Wearing Similar Women Outfits


It is not easy to become a Bollywood celebrity. People are looking at you, no matter what you’re wearing. While some celebrities have outstanding looks, just a handful have clothing that creates amusing memes. Ranveer Singh is one of the first names that comes to mind when we think of offbeat fashion. Apart from his performance, the actor is often in the news for his fashion choices.

He dared to wear costumes that no male actor would consider wearing, and as a result, many people mock him, claiming that he is wearing Deepika’s gown. In fact, in one of the episodes of Koffee With Karan, the director admitted that he offers Ranveer the costumes that he would never wear himself.

Ranveer has been seen wearing a lot of ensembles that are inspired by girls’ fashion.

1. The skirt look

While promoting his film Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer stunned everyone by wearing a pleated skirt and a bandhgala. People started making jokes about Ranveer and Deepika wearing the same attire.


At another award presentation, Ranveer was seen wearing a skirt.


2. Janhvi Kapoor’s sweatshirt

Janhvi Kapoor was once seen wearing the same purple sweater as the actor. Ranveer was asked on social media if he borrowed it from Janhvi.


3. Getting ideas from superstars in Hollywood

Ranveer drew influence from Hollywood stars as well as Bollywood ladies. He was spotted in one of the sward shows wearing an outfit with a crimson hue sash coming out of the chest. Gwendoline Christie, a Hollywood actress, wore a similar dress. In Game of Thrones, the latter portrayed Lady Brianne of Tarth.


4. Similar to Sonakshi Sinha’s style

Ranveer once wore a yellow suit with blue checks created by Dhruv Arora. Sonakshi was wearing the same clothing as her. She joked that Ranveer had taken her dress. Because they worked together in Lootera, the two stars have a strong friendship.


5. Ranveer walked the runway in a model-inspired ensemble.

The actor walked the runway in a black shirt, black pants, and a bright jacket while promoting an Italian company. His outfit was comparable to that of Sara Sampaio, a well-known international model who wore a bright blazer to an event.


Ranveer donned a costume with movie posters all over it to one of the award events. He once posed in a white shirt with a green lungi for the cameras.