8 Possible Reasons Why Some People Live Very Long, and It’s Not All About Genes


Unfortunately, neither the Fountain of Youth nor anything that assures us a longer life exist. However, some people have accomplished this amazing feat without the need of extreme measures. It’s a combination of a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle — and a little genetic help.

It takes the correct genes, a happy lifestyle, and a little arithmetic.

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Centenarians, according to scientists, have one thing in common: they live a lifestyle that includes solid friendships, family relationships, exercise, and stress management. Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest living centenarian, attributes her long life to her faith, family, sleep, hope, eating healthy cuisine, and practising mathematics. Siblings and children of long-lived persons are likewise thought to have a better chance of being healthy and living longer.

Having a mother who is younger

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It’s possible that having a younger mother increases your chances of living longer than others. According to the findings, women who give birth to their children while they are 25 or younger boost their children’s longevity. The exact causes for this are unknown at this time, although research suggests that the mother’s eggs play a role.

Friendships that are strong

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Isolation and loneliness, according to one study, might be just as dangerous to our health as obesity, if not more so. Despite living in a time where relationships may be made even easier, the younger generations will be the most affected. Loneliness, according to Dr. Timothy Smith, co-author of the study, is as harmful to our health as smoking and drinking.

Drinking a lot of tea

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National Geographic’s “Blue Zones” study/project investigates the lifestyle of communities with the highest number of centenarians in the globe. But it seemed like sipping tea was the thing that stood out the most. Green tea, in particular, is said to be the greatest because it is beneficial to our health.

Having more physical strength

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People who are not physically strong are more likely to have health and mental health problems, according to a Swedish study. Those with above-average muscular strength had a 20 percent to 35 percent chance of living longer. They were also less likely to have mental health issues.

Increasing your nut consumption

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Protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals abound in nuts. Another study found that persons who ate at least three servings of nuts each week had a 39 percent lower risk of dying prematurely.

Being happy

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According to a study, life satisfaction, optimism, and pleasant emotions are not only good for our health but also help us live longer. More research reveals that happier people may live up to 18 percent longer than those who aren’t happy. Kane Tanaka is an excellent illustration of how living a healthy, happy life may help you live longer.

Getting more organised and disciplined

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Being organised, disciplined, efficient, and goal-oriented can help our entire lives, not just our professional and personal lives. Boys and girls who were structured and disciplined lived 11 percent longer than those who did not share similar traits, according to a research that tracked them into old life.

Do you know someone who has lived to a ripe old age? Have you ever asked them what their secret is to live a long and healthy life?

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