Amit Mishra’s Epic Reply To Pakistani Actress For Her ‘Eat Cow Dung’ Comment


India and Afghanistan both suffered misery at the hands of Pakistan on Wednesday night. On the one hand, Pakistan eliminated Afghanistan from the Asia Cup 2022 during the Super Four stage. On the other hand, India’s tournament campaign was also derailed by Afghanistan’s loss.

India and Afghanistan both went undefeated in the league stage. They did, however, drop their first two Super Four contests.

But everyone will remember this Pakistan vs. Afghanistan game far more. Even though Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only teams to have played in this match, Indians also have fond memories of it. Indian cricket fans expressed their support for Afghanistan during the game and their wish for them to defeat Pakistan on social media.

Mufaddal Vohra/Twitter

Amit Mishra, a former cricketer for India, is one of them. Additionally, he made clear that he was rooting for Afghanistan to win the game. But as a result, the Pakistani public, including actress Sehar Shinwari, harshly criticised him. However, as we are well aware, Amit Mishra is no novice, whether it is on social media or cricket.

He, therefore, silenced the actress with his grand response. The conversation between them has been widely discussed. Let’s investigate what truly occurred.

Amit Mishra replied to Sehar Shinwari in his own style

Former Indian player Amit Mishra, who is well-known for his tweets on the social media site, grabbed attention once more for a message that went viral.

Last Wednesday, when Indian supporters were rooting for Afghanistan to overcome Pakistan and motivating them online, former Indian cricketer Amit Mishra declared his support for Afghanistan on Twitter. Amit Mishra stated in his tweet,

“Will eat Afghani chaap whole week if Afganistan defeats Pakistan today. Fingers crossed. #AFGvsPAK”

However, Pakistani batsmen’s last-ditch attempts prevented Afghanistan from winning the match. India would have had an easier time making the final if Afghanistan had won. Mishra’s tweets had a similar tone as he supported Afghanistan against Pakistan in the hopes that India would win the tournament.


Sehar Shinwari, a Pakistani actress, was one of many Pakistani trolls who targeted Amit Mishra for his post shortly after Pakistan’s victory. She advised Mishra to avoid eating cow excrement in her response to his article. She penned,

“Awwww poor mishra will have to spend whole week on Cow Dung”

Sehar Shinwari/Twitter

That response strikes me as being really unnecessary and rude. It sounds quite mocking in addition to being really Hinduphobic.

Amit Mishra referenced her tweet and wrote in an attempt to quiet her

“No, I have no plans of coming to Pakistan.”

His message gained a lot of traction on social media and has since inspired other memes. Shinwari received a lot of backlash from Pakistanis for her anti-Hindu remarks.

She didn’t stop there, though. She responded to his message once more using his anti-Hindu stance. She remarked,

“Pakistanis eat beef not dung”

She didn’t do this accidentally, as her tweet demonstrates. She did this on purpose to offend society’s religious sensibilities.

What do you make of her remarks? Do you believe Amit Mishra will need to respond to her again?