9 Clothing Items That Look Great in Stores but Cause a Lot of Trouble in Real Life


The British marketing research firm Mintel discovered that 44% of women detest shopping. However, even if you enjoy shopping, you might make impulsive purchases frequently. That is because it is enjoyable to purchase something you enjoy without having to spend a lot of time at the store. Troublesome clothing shows up in your closet like this: fashionable but uncomfortable or difficult to maintain. In this article, we’ll teach you the clothes to avoid buying so that you won’t look back and regret them.

Nine items of clothes that will unnecessarily complicate your life have been gathered by us.

1. Light summer pants

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When summertime arrives, wearing light pants is extremely pleasant. However, it’s terrible when someone criticises you for being too light or too tight. Unfortunately, when wearing these kind of pants, underwear is frequently visible—especially the kind that shouldn’t be. And that’s simply unacceptable.

Steps to take:

Select pants with a heavier fabric or in a variety of colours.

2. Tight, thin knitwear

We choose a tight dress that is made of thin knitwear because we want to appear tall and fit. In the changing room, we might even contort our bodies to look like this by arching our backs and sucking in our stomachs. In this manner, we seem flawless!

In actual life, it’s difficult to maintain this kind of stature. When you finally unwind, the knitwear will quickly draw attention to the body’s inherent curves, which most people would probably want to keep hidden.

Steps to take:

Pick dresses without linings.

3. Strapless clothing

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Dresses and tops with open shoulders have a very feminine and romantic appearance. We don’t consider the unpleasant reality we’ll have to confront the first day we wear one of these outfits when choosing them.

You’ll resent whoever made this style of clothing popular!

Steps to take:

Use tricks if you really want to. However, even the tiniest straps can help alleviate the inconvenience of a strapless dress without detracting from its appearance.

4. Shorts and dresses that are too short

Don’t buy overly short clothes, even if you have a gorgeous figure. Extremely impractical, ultra-short shorts and dresses make it difficult to sit down or even bend. You’ll spend the entire day fiddling with the short dress and holding down a loose one whenever a breeze passes by.

Imagine needing to sit down on public transportation while wearing really low shorts. You’re about to touch this area with your bare skin without knowing who sat there before you.

Steps to take:

When you go to the beach, wear short shorts and skirts. Wearing clothing with more coverage will prevent extra difficulties, though, if you have to move around a lot in the city.

5. Dresses and skirts that are too long

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Another item of apparel that emphasises feminine curves yet is quite problematic is this one.

You might walk on the fabric the entire night because it is so lengthy. If this is the case, be prepared to wash the dress after each wear (unless you want it to look dirty all the time). Of course, you could hold it in your hand, but doing so would be quite irritating.

And if you haven’t already, someone will inevitably step on your dress. And you would probably want to prevent collapsing in front of a large crowd!

Steps to take:

For daily wear, choose dresses that are somewhat long.

6. Clothing with complicated decor

Unless we’re talking about well-known Chinese designers or lingerie, we can’t deny that clothes embellished with fashionable and intricate decor is quite lovely and distinctive. And we’re not referring to formal attire that you only wear once. Things with a lot of decoration may appear fantastic in that situation. This is excessive for apparel that you wear every day, though.

You should be prepared to wash and iron your clothing every day if you want to wear it.

Steps to take:

Only wear this kind of attire on important occasions.

7. Solid white clothes

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Many possible issues could arise from wearing snow-white apparel. For instance, wearing all-white clothing may make your teeth appear yellow. And they might not match perfectly if you wish to wear two white items together.

White clothing imposes many restrictions. Be cautious when selecting such apparel because nothing else makes a body’s imperfections stand out like the colour white.

Steps to take:

The warmest tone of white, such as milk or ivory, should be chosen.

8. Solid black clothes

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In many cases, going all black looks to be a wonderful fashion decision. With that said, you still need to dress very shrewdly. Again, finding the right shade of black to match the objects is really difficult. Even if you wear costly clothing, if you make a mistake, the outfit will seem cheap.

On black clothing, even the tiniest hairs and lint are clearly visible. You have to keep your eyes peeled for these when wearing black the entire time.

Steps to take:

Dark hues like deep dark blue, dark green or dark red are attractive alternatives to black.

9. Shoes made of faux leather

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Squeaky shoes are an awful sound to hear! There is no way to make up for the noises your new loafers make as you walk, regardless of how glossy they are. Every time you move, there is an unpleasant sound. You should therefore go for less flashy, more plush shoes.

Steps to take:

Keep in mind that glossy footwear is fairly abrasive and frequently hurts your feet. So, choose soft-material shoes instead.

What unruly clothing do you have in your closet? Please share in the comments area below.

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