6 Damaging Things Makeup Wipes Can Do to Your Skin


Even though it would sound like a relief to simply wipe your makeup off after a long day, it really isn’t. In actuality, the reverse is true. Regular use of makeup wipes can badly harm your skin and cause a number of issues.

1. They cause dryness.

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Wet wipes contain alcohol, which removes makeup but also removes the natural oils from your skin. The result of a lack of moisture is dryness and dry skin. These wipes still fail to thoroughly clean your face and leave residue behind, which reduces the absorption of your skin. Therefore, they don’t function as effectively as you would like them to when you apply moisturiser later.

2. They can lead to allergic reactions.

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Wet wipe usage has been linked to allergic responses. Redness and pigmentation are frequent, although more severe reactions can also occur. In 2015, a woman experienced a similar reaction and was left with burn-like lesions on her cheeks and fingers as a result of wet wipes. It is advisable to first read the label and look at the ingredients if you really must use a wipe.

3. They are the reason for clogged pores and breakouts.

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Face wipes are frequently used to remove makeup, excess oil, and other impurities from the face, but people are unaware that they invariably leave behind a residue. This causes blocked pores and pimples.

4. They can cause cancer.

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Chemicals and preservatives, which are bad for your skin, are what wet wipes refer to as “wet.” Because parabens mimic the effects of oestrogen and can spur the growth of breast cells, they have been connected to the development of breast cancer.

5. They can cause premature ageing.

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A renowned dermatologist and skincare specialist claim that using makeup wipes can accelerate the ageing process. When you use a face wipe, you usually touch your skin rough, which causes pigmentation, loose skin, and wrinkles.

6. They don’t really clean your face.

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Renée Rouleau, a well-known esthetician and skincare specialist, claims that makeup wipes never truly clean your face. They only “smear oil, cosmetics, grime, and bacteria about it.” They do, however, only break down the cosmetic particles. A thorough rinsing-off is always important and required. The most effective method for removing makeup is to wash it off with water and a mild cleaner.

Utilize face wipes? If not, how do you take makeup off?