“She Thinks I’m Handsome,” Husband Badly Trolled For Being Too Ugly For His Hot Wife


Gracia Divina Rapsing: On TikTok, a guy defends his wife against critics who say she is only with him for his money because she is more attractive. After she mistakenly messaged him on Facebook, Scott, who is from Texas, and his wife Divine, who is from the Philippines, first connected in 2017.

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Scott & Divine

Scott acknowledges that his life was quite monotonous before he met Divinerapsing.

Due to this error, they began a long-distance romance that later led to marriage after he proposed to her while visiting her homeland in the same year. They got married when Divine moved to the USA nearly four years later. During this time, they communicated solely online, but Scott made six trips to see his girlfriend.

Scott’s Girlfriend Divine

Since he was thirteen years old, Scott has battled scleroderma. It is an autoimmune condition that leads to skin and other body part inflammation. Scott spent the majority of his time at home due to the disease’s aggressiveness, skipping his high school and college years.

He decided to start working and eventually attempted to lead a normal life at the age of 22. He was inspired to go despite the advice of his doctors after seeing Divine. They believed it would be impossible because of his inadequate oxygen level. Scott, however, disproved it by travelling to the Philippines six times to see his true love. Scott’s family acknowledges that Divine has significantly brightened his life and that, as a result of their friendship, Scott has gained a lot of self-assurance and happiness.

The couple has seen a lot of criticism for being together on social media.

Haters hesitated to accept that they could ever be united till they started their TikTok together in 2021. The most frequent misconceptions about their relationship are that Divine only married him for his wealth or because she needed a green card. The couple, however, just chuckles at it and claims that the travel was too long for such a thing.

Scott’s & Divine Trolled On Social Media

Recently, they created a TikTok video in response to the comment, “Wow. He is not at all cute. Let’s go. Be sincere with us. She thinks I’m handsome, so I guess it doesn’t really matter, Scott retorted. Furthering the conversation, Divine remarked, “Yeah, what are you people talking about? She seized his face, giving his cheek a gentle stroke, and said, “My husband is very, very attractive.

The couple provided advice for those in long-distance relationships.

No matter how far away or what time it is, Scott says, “the only thing I can advise is just to have patience because long-distance is hard and you’re always going to make sacrifices to be in their life.” “Trust the process,” Divine continues.

Scott’s & Divine

Due to their 220 lb weight differential, Alin and Maria, another TikTok pair, recently came under fire for their relationship. Alin acknowledges that he even kept his relationship a “secret” for a year out of concern for the opinions of others. The pair, however, now publicly shares their tale on social media to demonstrate that love doesn’t discriminate.

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