14 Dressing Hacks to Make You Look Chic But Not Vulgar

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“Trendy is tacky’s last stage,” Karl Lagerfeld said. The key to finding your own truly unforgettable style in the world of ever-changing fashion. This can be tricky, as so many options and choices are available. Deep cleavage, jewelry, different boots, unusual shapes and lengths of fabric — it’s so easy to get lost! However, if you follow some simple rules, your middle name will be “stylish.”

1. Show your skin strategically.

Looking attractive and sexy doesn’t mean you need to look almost naked. Instead, the knowledge of what to keep under wraps is required. Choosing one part of the body you want to show to everyone is better. You shouldn’t expose your arms and vice versa if you decide to show skin on top.

2. Round up your button-downs.

Button-down shirts are a classic that never gets older. They help elevate the jeans and when you wear a skirt, they can add a decent shape to your body. Tucking your shirt in your trousers is the perfect way to wear this, and a great look is guaranteed.

3. Use bright accessories.

You will spice up your whole look with the right accessories and accents. Even if you prefer to wear white clothes and shoes, there’s always going to be a nice colorful bag or eye-catching jewelry. But it’s better to remember that too much in never nice, so there’s no need to overwhelm your look with everything in the accessory store you can find.

4. Choose your pants according to your shoe height.

Pants that for their boots are not the right length look pretty awkward and easily get dirty. Hem them to your heels or flats, depending on what you prefer to wear, but not to the ground when choosing long pants. It’s the safest if hems just cover the top of your boots and stay off the floor 1/2-3/4 inch. The right height of the hem will match your boots and your overall look.

5. Go hands-free for the evening.

The last thing you might want to do when you go out in the evening is to keep your big handbag constantly. An elegant chain bag hanging on your shoulder will free your hands and allow you to comfortably hold your cocktail and other snacks and it won’t overwhelm your look.

6. Complement your shape.

No need to imitate the trends and spend your money on anything in a particular season that is trendy. Looking for clothing and models that will always suit your body is the most important thing here. For instance, you shouldn’t go for oversized maxi clothes if you’re petite and fit. While curvy girls look good at wearing A-lines and flowing tops.

7. Try to layer your necklaces, but not too much.

Necklaces will provide you with unique accents to complete your look. The necklaces that are made of the same material can be played and coated, or they can be customized to create a comparison. There are so many options, thick, thin, feminine, and edgy, with stones or beads. Not overdoing it and placing too many different chains around your neck is the most important thing.