10 Mistakes That Prevent Us From Looking Perfect


It takes too much work to look amazing 24/7. That’s why it can feel so terrible to see a single unfortunate error waste all your skilful work.

1. Last-minute preparations

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A cup of cold coffee in one hand, a red brush in the other and a single question in your head: “What am I supposed to wear today?” All together-a surefire formula for late working. Well, that sounds familiar? In a case like that, you absolutely can not attain flawless looks. You could easily escape stress though, by choosing what to wear and making the necessary arrangements the night before.

2. Dressing according to the weather

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And we do not mean the season, we mean the temperature. On a rainy day, a mink coat just doesn’t look right-even though it’s late Dec. In freezing weather it is also not advisable to wear fine silk stockings. It’s easier to be health-conscious and learn to dress in a fashionable and comfortable manner. Look at your wardrobe and break it into two groups: warm wear and lightweight clothing. Anything that does not fit the current weather should be left out of sight!

3. Dressing According To Places

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Wearing high heels to walk on cobblestones or throwing on a cocktail dress at the office for a day will do little to boost your profile. In cases, like these price and brand are not relevant-such clothing choices often look out of place and inappropriate. Ultimately wearing the wrong kind of clothes makes you feel straightforwardly awkward. Finding out the dress code and event style in advance is often beneficial. Do not allow the wish to show off your new additions to the wardrobe to triumph over common sense!

4. Wearing clothes that don’t fit your size or figure

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Almost definitely, we all have a special pair of jeans that we hope will ascend into a single day. The important thing is not to want to wear certain things in advance. Try not to get carried away with sales and different ultra-fashionable trends, either. This will help you avoid cluttering your wardrobe with items that are too tight or loose, or even entirely unsuitable for your type of body, “just a small, imperceptible bit.”

5. Minor flaws

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A slightly crumpled appearance, a presence of lint, a small smudge, a loose thread or a scattering of fur left on your beloved cat’s clothes-you can choose to ignore such things, hoping no one else will notice them. But a better option would be to always carry a sticky lint removing roller in your handbag to arm yourself against these small oversights. We also advise you to bring a small “emergency kit” which includes safety pins, a needle and a thread spool. Ideally, you should stop putting on clothes that quickly crumple.

6. Lack of accessories

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Even basic jeans and a sweater can look amazingly trendy. Much of that depends on the accessories. But you have to pick them right. It could only be one detail: a scarf, a belt, or even a necklace. When it comes to jewellery, the important thing is to ensure that there is not too much of it and that it does not consist of obvious imitations of precious metals.

7. Substandard materials

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Synthetic fabrics can be inexpensive but they also look cheap. They break, lose their form and all too easily get dirty. We advise that you stick to high-quality cotton, chiffon, silk, wool and denim knitwear. Things made from these fabrics are costlier but not by much. They look incomparably more beautiful, too, and give you a feeling of true comfort.

8. Colour combinations

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Choosing the right colour scheme for clothes is normally a tricky affair. The colours have to match well with each other and harmonize with the skin of the wearer. If you have no time to explore such subtleties, you can simply note that it is best to go for rich, vivid hues when choosing bright colours: blue, coral, burgundy, ruby, and emerald. You should also not miss the perfectly precious pastel colours. Not to mention the classics: black and white.

9. Strange prints

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You should choose prints and patterns with care. Even the famous leopard printing in one combination can convey nobility and wildness, and vulgar tastelessness in another. If you’re not entirely sure how to show yourself in such clothing, it’s best to play it safe and pick from one of the traditional, “can’t-go-wrong” patterns such as plaid, stripes, polka dots or a geometric style.

10. Wrong choice of underwear

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You might think, “Oh, what does it matter? No one can see the underwear anyway!” That’s where you’re wrong: for your own oh-being, the look and feel of your underwear. Any internal distress is impacting our appearance at the outside. Moreover, good lingerie helps to correct the figure, which is already taking you halfway to perfection!

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