11 Times Our Eyes Were Glued to the Background, and the Views Were Worth It


Typically the most exciting items are in the foreground of a photo; but often the context is worth a thousand words as well, containing awkward moments or revealing something mysterious. People from this article managed to take pictures of those moments when the backdrop stole the show absolutely.

1. “I was taking a photo of my girlfriend when I turned around and saw all this.”

© homerchick / pikabu

2. “3 years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fell.”

© DanAykroydFanClub / reddit

3. You really Got good cosplay costume is if all eyes are on you.

© Aspi87 / reddit

4. A strange man with a really long arm

© imgur / unknow author

5. The boating tour pamphlet assured a great view. Well, they didn’t lie.

© frommist / pikabu

6. A photo of 2 ancient statues with the blood moon in the background.

© islmit / reddit

7. Beware, human!

© SuperMuncho / reddit

8. “Heeelp!” — we can almost hear them screaming from the bathtub.

© imgur / unknow author

9.  E is for envy.

© reddit / unknown author

Preview photo credit reddit / unknown author