10 Dumb Statements From Cricketers That Left Every Fan Embarrassed


Cricketers are often praised for their on-field accomplishments. Their primary obligation is to perform well for their team and give everything they have on the field. Nonetheless, a few cricketers are viewed as role models and idolised by a huge number of fans. It is more common in countries similar to India, where cricket is treated as a religion.

In the twenty-first century, print and digital media have had a tremendous impact on cricket. Fans can now cheer for their heroes on any platform, and cricketers can also express themselves on any platform. It has unquestionably brought game viewers closer to the action. It will also play an increasingly important and significant role in the sport’s expansion in the next years.

These days, not only do fans follow sportsmen, but so do journalists who want to analyse them for new material. They also look into cricketer biographies to come up with tales. As a result of their statements in such situations, many players have gotten themselves into trouble.

We should expect heroes and role models to be nice and not have a bad impact on others. They’re similar to society’s influencers. On the other hand, several cricketers have forgotten that they are public figures and have made arrogant statements. Arrogant comments frequently start a debate.

Many world-class players and absolute giants of the game have gone on to say things like this that we don’t want to hear, which is upsetting. So, which cricketers have made contentious remarks that may have been avoided?

Let’s take a glance at the list:

1. Sourav Ganguly’s remark on spouses and girlfriends, claiming that they stress men’s life.

“There is no stress in life. Only wife and girlfriend give stress.”

2. The casual sexism of Virender Sehwag was clearly apparent in his tweet from the 2018 IPL auction. He tweeted,

“Ladkiyon ko shopping ka shock hota hai. Preity full on shopping ke mood mein hain. Har cheez khareedni hai”

3. When Gautam Gambhir stated that if Delhi’s pollution problems are solved, he will stop eating jalebis.

Clearly, he misunderstood the aim. Photos showing him eating jalebis in Indore surfaced on the day he was scheduled to speak at a conference regarding Delhi pollution. As a result, many people questioned his legislative integrity. He could have arrived and given an explanation if there had been one, but there wasn’t.

4. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s remarks were frequently misogynistic and derogatory to women.

For example, he once stated:

“Gend itni oonchi gayi ki woh air hostess ki chummi le kar aa gayi.”


5. Sunil Gavaskar said it was only right to pull Anushka Sharma into the controversy after Virat Kohli made a terrible shot.

He spoke behind the commentary mic:

“Inhone lockdown mein toh bas Anushka ki gendon ki practice ki hai.”

With this Instagram story, Anushka reacted to the same.

6. Shane Warne crossed all the boundaries when he labelled Ravi Ashwin “disgraceful” for taking a run.

This is how Ashwin replied to the allegations:

7. Virat Kohli had an embarrassing moment when he said,

“Don’t live in India if you don’t like Indian batsmen.”

8. On Koffee With Karan, Hardik Pandya made several questionable statements and displayed toxic masculinity.


However, after a public outcry, he apologised for his remarks.

9. When Shoaib Akhtar stated that Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid aren’t match-winners.


10. Chris Gayle picked these phrases to show his rage during a fight with Ramnaresh Sarwan in 2020.