5 Bollywood Movies That Deserve An Oscar For ‘Dumbest Ending Ever’ Category

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Take a spoonful of biryani in your mouth as an example. Imagine biting into an elaichi just as you were ready to swallow the pleasure. That’s how some Bollywood films’ climaxes have left us feeling.

Yes, not all joyful endings make the audience cry happy tears; occasionally, they make them grimace bitterly.

We’re talking about movies with a decent plot and an interesting build-up that were cruelly spoiled by an absurd and stupid ending.

When you see these blockbusters and cult classics again after a while, you may not have noticed the ending is merely silly when you first watched them.

Here are 5 of the most well-known films that could have finished differently and had the most absurd resolutions:

1. Mohabbatein

Narayan Shankar realises his pratishta, parampara, and anushasan are a little too much for the students to bear after a heated conversation in which SRK criticises his Gurukul’s no-love policy for pupils. He steps down and names amateur music teacher SRK as the next principal. Is this a joke of some sort?

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Everyone is aware of what will happen to the students once SRK, the lover boy, assumes leadership of a prestigious boarding school. We were too young to realise that the climax was ludicrous, but we still enjoyed watching Amitabh, SRK, and his lady love’s spirit come together in the end.

2. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Bunny is undoubtedly the most annoying character in Bollywood and is utterly clueless.

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Although he feels jealous of her being with someone else, he doesn’t want Naina. He twice abandons her for his work, but at the very end, he returns carrying a balloon and a cake as if nothing ever happened. happy new year

I think Naina ought to have slammed the door in his face. She deserved better, and the audience needed an ending that wasn’t so embarrassing.

3. Kabir Singh

Oh no, where do I begin? No man would marry his daughter to Kabir Singh because he is a disrespectful, abusive, and borderline obsessive partner.

Kabir loses his mind and starts drinking. However, the climax, which is even more bakwas, dwarfs this.

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One day he comes upon a pregnant Preeti in a park, and when he confronts her, she admits that the child is his. They get married and have a family, living a happy life.

Wait a second. She didn’t communicate with him during her pregnancy, so why does she immediately turn to him after seeing him? There is obviously something missing, but the creators decided it wasn’t significant enough to be noticed by the audience.

4. Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

The film was moving along quite nicely. Sattu, played by Rajkummar Rao, avenges Aarti (Kriti Kharbanda) for abandoning him at the altar so that she may become an IAS by assuming the identity of a strong “sakht” administrator. Aarti changes her mind and decides she now wants Sattu back.

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She plans a phoney wedding to trick him into admitting he still loves her after pleading, sobbing, and stalking him to the temple fail.

All this drama is being done to see whether he is acting and whether he still has affection for her. And they passed the UPSC. How?

5. Bodyguard 

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No, not that brilliant plot twist that saw Maya, Kareena’s fictitious best friend, go with Salman and stab her in the back. But what happened afterwards was utterly foolish.

Salman and Kareena are still single years later when Maya passes away from cancer, so it is up to her son to bring the two back together.

Why remained silent when speaking to his father? Why remained silent Kareena? How is she still using the same number nearly six years later? The audience is now grimacing.