Elon Musk Reacts To Indian-American Man Hiring Woman To Slap Him Every Time He Uses Facebook


An Indian-American entrepreneur named Maneesh Sethi hired a lady to slap him whenever he opened Facebook.

For $8 an hour, Sethi, the founder of the wearable gadgets company Pavlok, hired Kara to watch his screen and hit him whenever he went on social media.

After hiring a woman named Kara, Sethi’s output soared to 98 per cent from 35-40 per cent, according to a blog post.

While Sethi’s unusual behaviour was first offered on Craigslist in 2012, it has resurfaced online owing to just two emojis from entrepreneur Elon Musk.


The Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur just reacted with two fireball emojis to a tweet about Sethi’s incident, piquing his followers’ interest in the slapping experiment.


Sethi then answered by claiming, “This is me, the guy in the picture. Is two emojis from @elonmusk the highest I’ll ever get? Is this a case of my icarus flying too close to the sun? Was Elon’s use of fire symbols intended to imply that? Only time will tell if this is true “..


“First nomad list, then Elon emojis my slapping storey, today’s just my day isn’t it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sethi’s Pavlok bracelet aids in the adoption of positive habits and the cessation of negative ones. If someone tries to oversleep, consume too much fast food, bite their nails, or smoke a cigarette, they will receive an electric shock. According to Pavlok, the device has permanently broken 20,000 people’s negative habits.

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