10 Facts That Show How Amazing the Female Body Is


One of the female body’s most intriguing features is childbearing. But it’s not the only thing that makes them so incredible that women can develop another human being inside them. When you look at the female body more closely, you will find plenty of other interesting facts about which people may not even know.

10. Women do distinguish colors better than men

Females see more colors than men because the X-chromosome is correlated with colour perception. People have one X-chromosome, and females have two.

9. One of the breasts is always bigger than the other.

No female has symmetrical breasts of any kind. The difference in size may be negligible or quite obvious, and there may be several explanations for this. For example, it might be a difference in breast tissue density, breast pocket size or shape, or even skin elasticity on each breast. There is nothing to worry about, though, as it is a perfectly natural and normal phenomenon.

8. A woman’s body transforms drastically during childbirth.

It’s really hard work to give birth to a child— any woman can confirm that. A woman’s body typically goes through a lot of different changes in addition to feeling terrible pain. One of them is the dilation of the cervix.

The cervix shifts during labour from a tightly closed entrance to a fully open baby exit. It needs to be fully dilated to 10 cm, which is actually the size of a bagel, to be ready to push a baby out. But these 10 cm reflect only the pushing point— the cervix can keep expanding to fit the head of the infant.

7. Women can handle pain better.

Women really have more pain than men— this is a well-known fact. But it’s not about how strong they are, it’s about how their brain works.

Several studies show that men and women have different perceptions of their past pain. While men are more depressed and hypersensitive when they think about their previous pain, women tend to forget about it more quickly. And in particular, women’s pain threshold is 9 times higher than men’s.