Man Dumped By Girlfriend For Being ‘Too Fat’, Now An Online Star After Losing 70 KG


Everyone is aware of how tough it is to move on after a split. Everything hurts—the sorrow, the memories, everything. But he was inspired by a man’s breakup. Why? because after being dumped by his lover for being “too overweight,” he dropped 70 kg.

There are various reasons to go to the gym, including to lose weight, but TikTok user Puvi’s breakup served as his inspiration to work out.

Dumped for being ‘too fat

Puvi, a popular Tiktok user, lost his lover due to his weight. Puvi weighed roughly 139 kg at the time. His girlfriend dumped him because he was overweight and usually wore a jacket. After the breakup, Puvi made the decision to improve himself, alter his lifestyle, and go to the gym, according to Daily Star.

Jaw-dropping body transformation

Despite the fact that most people fear rejection, there are ways you can benefit from it. Like Puvi, who used the dreadful experience of having his girlfriend rejects him to better himself.

Post-breakup Everyone has been moved by Puvi’s astounding physique transformation, and it’s possible that his ex-girlfriend is now regretting her choice.

Although it’s disappointing that his relationship failed because of his obstinately unhealthy lifestyle, his enormous boy makeover and motivational journey have now earned him a star online. He shrunk down from an XXL to a small.