10 Magazine Covers’ Photoshop Fails We Won’t Forget


Without Photoshop it is very hard to imagine a modern image. It brightens colours and makes things more natural. But often this goes too far: the bodies become deformed, the skin of the people changes its colour, one eye disappears and an extra arm appears … These mistakes are so vivid that they are seen by millions of Internet users, who can’t just stop laughing.

LOL, his fingers are so long!

Yeah, Gigi Hadid. And that is not her best picture.

Hmm, something’s missing out there

Sarah Jessica Parker is despised by someone if they have wanted to “transform” her look like this.

Unusual arms are everywhere…

No armpits. Act like there aren’t any.

Kylie Minogue and her vanishing leg

How did Zac Efron succeed in making those strange muscles grow?