Adipurush teaser trolled for copying Hollywood Movies, Outraged viewers share comparisons


Adipurush, the highly anticipated movie starring Prabhas, has had its teaser released and judging by fans’ reactions, it is safe to assume that the film received far more favourable press before the publication of the trailer than it does now.

The preview for the movie was ridiculed on social media for having subpar VFX, bad acting, and no link to the famous epic Ramayana.

And some of them even went so far as to research the original Hollywood films and television programmes from which the teaser appeared to have been “inspired” or “ripped off”:

1) Game Of Thrones

The entire scene in which Saif Ali Khan’s character, Ravan, arrives at a flying dragon seems to be a shoddy imitation of the Night King riding a dragon in Game of Thrones (GOT).

Further comments from the individual read, “Is it just me or do you also realise what a pitiful #GameOfThrones clone #Adipurush is!

Without a doubt, the characters are NOT from #Bharat. They recently gave several Game of Thrones and video game characters #Ramayan names.

2) Aquaman

© Twitter

In the teaser, Prabhas’s character Ram is first seen reclining underwater and practising meditation.

Prabhas is depicted underwater and the direction looks to be fairly similar to Aquaman from DC.

3) King Kong

Many people have pointed out on Twitter how much King Kong and Lord Hanuman resemble each other, even comparing comparable scenes from the two movies.

Users have left remarks such as “Ye # hai? Gorilla Gang, ya? Adipurush was supposed to be on, but I guess I saw the King Kong teaser instead.

4) Thor

Do you recall Hela, the evil sister of Thor and Loki, from Ragnarok? Fans have also made comparisons between Ravana (aka Saif) and the villain from the Thor film series by pointing out the specific Marvel movie scene that they believe served as an inspiration for Saif’s entry.

5) Rise Of Planet Of The Apes

It appears that the entire Vaanar sena from the Adipurush teaser was lifted directly from the Hollywood production Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Another commenter referred to the movie as an “Indian version of Rising of the Planet of Apes,” while another said, “Apes Copied from Rising of the Planet of Apes in #Adipurush.”