Indian Man Dons A Skirt, Performs Garba On New York Street, Video Is Viral


Bollywood music simply has a unique sound, and most of the time it gets everyone moving. A video of an Indian man dancing on the streets of New York recently went viral. But the kurta and skirt this man was wearing really stuck out.

Indian man performs Garba while wearing a skirt


A choreographer named Jainil Mehta was spotted moving to the song “Dholi Taro” from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Mehta was seen dancing on the streets of New York City in the now-viral video. He moved elegantly to the melody of the well-known Bollywood song.

His dance abilities are quite captivating, and one glimpse at the video will have you wanting to see it through to the very finish. He was dancing on the streets while wearing a kurta and skirt, which attracted everyone’s attention.

“Why isn’t Navratri celebrated year-round? We can perform Garba at any time, every time, and all the time with the help of #meninskirts and @vastra designer! Because I am G-U-J-J-U!” the caption for the video reads.

More than 1 million people have watched and liked the video.

Mehta’s post received comments from readers who expressed their admiration for his abilities.

“I adore this skirt! It is stunning! “A user made a comment.

“But how did you dance on the stairs wearing that cumbersome skirt? That’s crazy, “a different user said. “This is really stunning! the grace and the gorgeous skirt, the joy on your face, “Added the third user.

“It’s not as simple as it sounds to dance so damn gracefully while wearing such a hefty skirt and doing so on stairs.

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Jainil Mehta’s #meninskirts series

‘Barso Re’ I spotted this out of the blue, so I had to join in and dance to the music! Instagram Reels can’t be left behind if this song can get viral on Tik Tok, according to the caption of the video.

Jainil Mehta’s site is filled with videos of him dancing to Bollywood tunes while wearing stunning skirts, and his confidence and contagious smile are enough to impress anyone.