Police Officer Who Slept With Six Co-Workers Breaks Her Silence On Affair


After going through a challenging divorce, an officer at the centre of a police s*x scandal claimed that she was “desperate” and “dumb.”

Five officers from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee were fired earlier this month after it came to light that they were exchanging obscene text messages and having s*x while on duty.

Maegan Hall, who is alleged to have had relationships with several of her coworkers, including sergeant Lewis Powell, officer Larry Holladay, officer Juan Lugo, sergeant Ty McGowan, and detective Seneca Shields, is the subject of most of the attention.

The Tennessee police officer has been fired. Credit: Facebook

According to a report issued by the police department after an internal inquiry, Hall, 26, also shared a threesome with officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife.

Hall initially disputed the allegations, but transcripts of interviews with the policemen involved in the s*x scandal obtained by WSMV4 show that she has since admitted to the liaisons.

She told the department’s head of HR Andrew Patton how things went out of hand, saying, “Me and my husband were kind of on the cusp of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand.”

I guess I became foolish and desperate, and men will stick their d***s in anything.

Hall said when pressed for clarification regarding the threesome that included Magliocco and his wife: “So his wife showed up and I suppose she had to work the next morning.

So, after helping her to her car, we continued to converse and travelled to a remote area close to a body of water where we engaged in s*xual activity.

Additionally, it was claimed that Hall and a number of other cops had traded nude pictures.

She also acknowledged having oral s*x with Powell inside a police substation in other parts of the protracted questioning.

Hall gave an explanation of why she first lied about the accusations, saying she didn’t want to destroy Powell’s career and that she was worried about her safety if she didn’t.

Hall claimed that the continued scenario led to numerous mental health issues. She once “dry fired” a gun against her head “so she could hear what it sounded like,” Hall added. Similar to Powell, Officers Lugo-Perez, Shields, Holladay, and Lugo-Perez originally rejected the claims until admitting to working with Hall.

McGowan acknowledged mailing Hall a nude photo, but she denied ever having s*x with her.

Gavin Schoeberl, a patrol officer who was punished for a week, claimed to have only ever received one nude message, which he deleted.

He denied ever having a s*xual relationship with Hall and said he was unaware of the other interactions in the transcripts.

Additionally, according to reports, fired sergeant McGowan attempted to persuade his wife Hall and her husband Jed to engage in s*xual activity.

Ty tried to get Jed to establish a relationship with all of us, according to Hall.

“After playing a round of strip Uno, V (McGowan’s wife) and Jed went outside onto the patio. Ty and I had a brief kiss, and then it was over.”

The 26-year-old said that she and Magliocco once attempted to persuade their partners to switch wives.

“When Mags was nearby and later on the couch, she said, “If y’all start making out, maybe Jed, my husband, would warm up to the notion.” Jed said, “No,” when we started making out.”

Following the revelations, McGowan, Shields, Hall, Powell, and Lugo-Perez were fired. Magliocco and Holladay’s employment was put on hold. The inquiry is still ongoing.