Man Gets Bra After Ordering Football Socks, Myntra Gives A Surprising Reply


It’s only natural that as E-Commerce expands, so will the number of online shoppers worldwide. In 2021, the number of digital buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion. This represents 27.6% of the global population of 7.74 billion people.

Despite the convenience and speed of internet shopping, there is always a catch. Despite its benefits, internet shopping has drawbacks, as proven by numerous examples of customers receiving empty boxes or erroneous merchandise.

You never know what you’re going to get until your package arrives, assuming it arrives at all. There’s a lot of evidence that this great storey will end up being a shopping disaster on the internet.


In yet another instance of miscommunication, a man was surprised to receive a padded bra instead of the football stockings he had requested. Kashyap, who goes by the handle @LowKashWala on Twitter, shared his horrible internet buying experience.

Kashyap said in a tweet that Myntra sent him an incorrect item.

Instead of the football stockings he had bought, the user received a black Triumph bra on October 12. The company refused to replace the merchandise when he registered for the exchange.


“Sorry, can’t replace it.”

When Kashyap complained to customer support about the error, Myntra informed him.


He proceeded to Twitter, feeling helpless, to publish a snapshot of the things he had received, as well as Myntra’s reaction. He wrote on Twitter,

“I placed an order for football stockings. @myntra’s response to receiving a triumph bra? “I’m afraid we won’t be able to replace it.” So, fellas, I’ll be wearing a 34 CC bra to football games. It’ll be known as my sports bra.”

The incident went viral on social media sites, and netizens couldn’t stop laughing. Many customers recounted similar stories and chastised e-commerce companies for their negligence, while others mocked the person who received a bra. Because the bra could not be returned, a few people offered Kashyap suggestions on how he should use it.

Some people felt sad for the woman who would have accidentally received the football stockings instead of that guy, the true purchaser.



This elicited a response from Myntra.

When his message went viral, Myntra, an online shopping platform, received a lot of negative attention and criticism. It did, however, reply quickly to Kashyap’s complaint. It assured the man that his complaint had been received and will be addressed as soon as possible.

Myntra replied,

“This is terrible to hear, Kashyap, and it’s not the kind of experience we want you to have with us!” Please be assured that I’ve escalated the matter as IN21101716094536654149 ref number, and we’re working on it as quickly as possible.”

Another e-commerce flop

In yet another e-commerce delivery fiasco, TV star Paras Kalnawat receives an empty package of Nothing Ear-1 earbuds. Paras Kalnawat, one of the key cast members of the popular television show Anupamaa, ordered a pair of earbuds from Flipkart but received nothing in the shipment.

Paras took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Flipkart’s delivery error, tweeting photographs of the empty box he received. In the caption, he stated that the service quality was deteriorating and that the e-commerce juggernaut was on the verge of losing its customer base and reputation.