Mehndi Designs Must Try These Designs 2023, Simple Mehndi Designs


Mehndi Designs: If you are looking for some of the best Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi designs then your wait is over here. Here is a list of the most beautiful Mehndi designs you can try according to your interest, all are best in their ways. There are several salons and even stalls now that do mehndi work. you only have to clean your hand once you apply mehndi on your hand and when it dries.

Punjabi Mehndi designs

You can also go for the henna tattoo. Once applied, the henna tattoo may last for a while. Yet it is an impermanent body modification that you can easily opt for. There are many simple and beautiful henna tattoos.

Mehndi Designs, Beautiful Mehndi Designs, Butterflies mehndi design, festivals mehndi designs, punjabi mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs for front hand

Mehndi Designs, Beautiful Mehndi Designs, Butterflies mehndi design, festivals mehndi designs, punjabi mehndi designs

you can make many beautiful mehndi designs with the help of curved lines. you can make it cover the large parts of your hand.

mehndi designs full hand

Mehndi Designs, Beautiful Mehndi Designs, Butterflies mehndi design, festivals mehndi designs, punjabi mehndi designs

you must have seen this design on your mom or friends or many in your known. This is a very common mehndi design yet a very popular and demanding one. you can also use this design along with some others to make something very beautiful out of it.

arabic mehndi designs

This is also a very basic design but looks very beautiful. The solid mehndi design has been done on the fingertips of both hands. In the middle of both hands, a circle-type design has been done which looks pretty good.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2023

This is also simple but looks very stunning on the legs.

Punjabi Mehndi Design Back Side

This design includes different sizes and shapes of flowers and leaves. The design of flowers makes them look beautiful on the hands.

mehndi designs front hand

It looks somewhat similar to Paisleys. You can also use the design of leaves and flowers here to make it more attractive.

mehndi designs for front hand

This peacock design is often used in the Punjabi wedding mehndi. The bride generally has a flamboyant peacock mehndi tattooed on her. It includes several designs in this one design.

very very easy Mehndi designs for hands

Punjabi Mehndi Designs For bride’s Hand

These simple circular shapes can make you more attractive to your mehndi design. you can also use spirals and several circles to make it more stunning.

mehndi designs for hand

If you belong to a Punjabi family or some of your friend is from a Punjabi family or if you have ever been to Punjabi Shaadi then you must have seen they use to add more colours to their mehndi which makes their mehndi more alluring.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs for Leg

Mehndi Designs, Beautiful Mehndi Designs, Butterflies mehndi design, festivals mehndi designs, punjabi mehndi designs

You can add glitters to your mehndi design to make it look marvellous. Even though the glitters will wash out after a few washes, it will surely be worth it for any big day. So, Must try it.

So, go ahead! Get some beautiful henna mehndi or tattoos without waiting for the wedding season or any other function. But before getting the henna tattoo done, check out our above beautiful mehndi design.

Indian mehndi designs

Key features of Indian mehndi designs:

  1. Intricate Patterns: Indian mehndi designs are known for their detailed and elaborate patterns, which often include floral motifs, paisleys, geometric shapes, peacocks, and other traditional elements.
  1. Symbolism: Mehndi holds cultural and symbolic importance in India. It is believed to bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity. During weddings, the bride’s mehndi often incorporates the groom’s name or initials, and the groom’s mehndi may include the bride’s name or other romantic symbols.
  2. Bridal Mehndi: Bridal mehndi is a significant aspect of Indian weddings. The bride’s hands and feet are intricately adorned with mehndi designs, often featuring motifs representing fertility, love, and the couple’s new journey together.
  1. Regional Variations: India’s diverse cultural landscape gives rise to various regional mehndi styles, each with its unique characteristics and motifs. For example, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Marwari mehndi designs are some of the well-known regional variations.
  2. Festive Mehndi: Indian festivals like Diwali, Eid, Karva Chauth, and Teej are occasions where people of all ages decorate their hands and feet with mehndi. These designs are generally vibrant and celebrate the spirit of the festivities.
  3. Application Techniques: Mehndi is applied using a cone or tube filled with henna paste. After the paste dries, it is scraped off, leaving a reddish-brown stain on the skin that deepens over time.

simple mehndi designs for kids

Simple mehndi designs for kids are often created to be fun, easy to apply, and suitable for young children. These designs are less intricate compared to traditional adult mehndi patterns, making them ideal for kids’ delicate skin and shorter attention spans. Here are some simple mehndi designs suitable for children:

  1. Flowers and Dots: Create small flower motifs with dots and fill them with henna. These simple floral patterns are easy to draw and add a playful touch to kids’ hands.
  2. Heart Shapes: Draw cute heart shapes on the back of the hand or on the wrist. Kids love these adorable designs.
  3. Smiley Faces: Draw smiley faces or other cute emoticons on the fingers or palms. This adds a touch of joy to the Mehndi design.
  4. Star Patterns: Apply henna to form star shapes on the hands. Stars are simple and fun, perfect for kids who are fascinated by space and astronomy.
  1. Animal Silhouettes: Draw simple outlines of animals like butterflies, birds, elephants, or fish. Kids will enjoy having their favourite animals on their hands.
  2. Bracelet Style: Create a simple bracelet design on the wrist. This design is quick to apply and looks stylish on kids’ hands.
  3. Sun and Moon: Draw a smiling sun and crescent moon on the palms. These celestial elements are cheerful and attractive for kids.
  1. Geometric Shapes: Use basic geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and circles to create an easy mehndi design for kids.

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