What Men’s Beauty Standards Look Like in Different Countries


Different nations have different ideas about what an ideal guy should look like. Like women, many guys attempt to adopt popular beauty trends in an effort to appear more appealing. It might surprise you to learn that there are cultural differences in what exactly people find to be truly attractive.

We had a lot of fun learning about what the ideal male beauty standard is in various nations throughout the world. The most popular male celebrities might provide insight into what is deemed attractive.

1. United States and Canada

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According to People’s magazine, actor Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), actor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther), and musician John Legend have been named the three most gorgeous men in the US for the past three years.

Men in the United States and Canada typically define attractiveness as having a powerful body, ruggedness, and golden skin. But during the last few years, especially among younger people, an androgynous appearance has grown in popularity.

2. India

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The survey indicates that actors Shah Rukh Khan (Don 2), Aamir Khan (Like Stars on Earth), and Hrithik Roshan are the most handsome males in India (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara). Shah Rukh Khan won the competition, but he genuinely spoke out and admitted that in the past people had branded him “ugly and unusual.”

The primary beauty standard in India is having lighter skin, which is heavily marketed on television. Other than that, Indian standards—which call for tall, strong men with clear complexion and a full head of hair—are rather similar to American ones.

3. United Kingdom

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Tom Hardy (Inception) is the most gorgeous guy in the UK, according to a poll from 2021, while according to data from 2022, Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) has a great chance of winning that distinction.

According to study, a man should have an athletic build, brown eyes, short dark-brown hair, and some facial hair to appeal to British people. In fact, it has been determined that bearded guys are almost 60% more attractive than bearded males.

4. Philippines

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Josh Cullen Santos of SB19 and actor Alden Richards have been named as the most gorgeous guys in the Philippines (Imagine You & Me).

In the Philippines, males now strive for a more feminine appearance rather than a macho appearance due to a change in the country’s beauty standards. To achieve this, they visit salons for facials. Other requirements include being at least 5’9″ tall, having black hair, and having a more “mestizo” appearance, which refers to being mixed-race.

5. South Korea

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South Korea prefers males with slender, androgynous-looking figures (not too skinny, obese, or muscular), whereas western nations like men who are athletically built. Men should have slightly softer features, such as double eyelids, slimmer features on the face, and lighter skin.

In South Korea, male celebrities do not hesitate to use makeup or colour their hair; actors do so to look more youthful, while idols do so to make it “fun” hues; this is not seen as revolutionary as it may be in the US.

6. Mexico

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Mexicans prefer a more “macho” appearance, which is to say that they are very manly, as opposed to South Koreans, who favour a more androgynous appearance. Actors Ryan Guzman (9-1-1) and Diego Boneta (Luis Miguel) are listed as the top two most gorgeous males.

7. Germany

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German women prefer taller males with either short black or brown hair, according to study. The majority of respondents responded that they preferred a man who was muscular, although slim men came in close second.

The actor Thore Schölermann and football player Marco Reus have been named the most gorgeous guys.

8. Italy

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In Italy, a man’s attractiveness is not greatly influenced by his level of masculinity. Italian guys don’t mind wearing “girly” hues like pink or purple; in fact, many of them are into maintaining and styling their body hair.

Giulio Berruti and Raoul Bova are regarded as the most handsome male celebrities.

9. Australia

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Male attractiveness standards in Australia place a strong emphasis on physical strength and size. Women view their bodies as heavier than ideal, whereas males who adhere to beauty standards view them as too slim. One of the models of Australian beauty is thought to be the Hemsworth brothers.

10. The Netherlands

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The average height of a woman is 5’7″ (about 170 cm), while that of a man is 6’0″ (around 183 cm), making the Netherlands one of the nations with the tallest populations in the world. Dutch women prefer a man who is taller than they are as a spouse.

Arie Boomsma, a TV host, and Michiel Huisman, an actor, have been called two of the most gorgeous men in the Netherlands, and both men have heights that are in line with the beauty standard: Boomsma is 6’5 (around 198 cm), while Peelen is 6’1. (around 185 cm). Notably, both males have facial hair and are muscular.

Which nation’s norms correspond to your own? Do you believe that standards harm people’s self-esteem?

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