‘My Husband Got Our Neighbour Pregnant, So I Took A Savage Revenge’


When most women find out about their husbands’ affair, they cry, shout, or even get physical, yet some women become as calm as the sea before a storm. Andrea Owen, a self-confidence coach, and author, had a nostalgic moment on TikTok. She talked about how she dealt with the fallout after discovering her husband’s infidelity 15 years ago.

On July 6th, she posted to TikTok about how she retaliated against her husband’s infidelity.

Her husband had an affair with a neighbour and discovered she was seven months pregnant with his child.


In a fit of wrath, she decided to play a fantastically hilarious trick on him.


It’s all part of Andrea’s process of letting go of the man. Who wants to be with someone who can’t keep some things private – to themselves and their partners only?

She resolved to rip a hole in every item of pants and underwear she may have ironed, washed, or folded while they were together.

Andrea informed her fans, “We had been together for over 13 years at this point.”


She had been seeing her ex since she was 17 years old, and they had already been married for a few years. Andrea was ecstatic at the thought of having their first kid, which they’d been wanting for a long time.

“This wasn’t a fantastic relationship by any means. It had its fair share of issues and obstacles, to be sure “she went on. “There were several red signs that suggested he was having an affair, and I confronted him several times, but he fiercely denied it.”

“In the meantime, he was having an affair with his next-door neighbour and was lying to her as well.”

We all laughed as she laughed. That was very satisfying! The video has now received over 3.9 million views.


The man had the guts to tell Andrea’s neighbour that he was divorcing her while they were still married, despite Andrea’s refusal. Andrea repeated her ex’s statements to the neighbour, “She should come over and talk to me since I was crazy.”

He continued to gaslight Andrea and deny his affair to the point where their marriage counsellor believed she was insane. When she picked up his telephone later, she “had a wonderful little discussion” with the neighbour, and the two became acquainted.

She called it “really insane,” because the individual went so far as to falsify bank statements and have his buddies lie for him. She gave birth to the child, but their connection was short-lived.

Now that I’m divorced, I’m more happy. Why do guys do this?

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