5 Pakistan Players Who Were Caught In S#X Scandals


Although cricket is a gentleman’s game, not all players act like gentlemen off the field. Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, has been implicated in an s#x controversy after his purported s#xting video went viral online.

However, a Pakistani player has been involved in a similar incident before. There have been Pakistani athletes implicated in s#x scandals in the past as well. Here, we discuss five Pakistani athletes who were implicated in s#x scandals.

5 Pakistan Players Who Were Caught In S#X Scandals

5. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi controversies

Shahid Afridi, a former captain of Pakistan, was implicated in an s#xual scandal in 2000. In their hotel rooms in Karachi, Afridi and his two other teammates were discovered with a few young ladies.

The Pakistan Cricket Board did not trust the players when they claimed that the girls only wanted to get their signatures, and they were disqualified from the ICC Champions Trophy in Kenya in 2000.

4. Imam-ul-Haq

Imam-ul-Haq Scandal

Imam-ul-Haq, the Pakistani opener, was implicated in an s#x controversy in July 2019 after a lady published pictures of his contentious discussions. The woman alleged that Imam-ul-Haq cheated on numerous women and published images of their conversations.

Additionally, she asserted that Imam-ul-Haq used to deceive them all by claiming to be unmarried. The woman shared private messages with at least four other girls. Imam-ul-Haq later expressed regret to the Pakistan Cricket Board for this event. The board also issued him a stern warning to maintain the highest level of ethics and discipline.

3. Imad Wasim

Imad Wasim controversies

Imad Wasim, a Pakistani athlete, was embroiled in an s#x scandal in London in September 2017. Imad Wasim allegedly had a romance with an Afghan girl to who he also allegedly pledged marriage. She further alleged that he broke off communication with her and dumped her after one month of dating.

As further evidence, the girl uploaded pictures and videos of herself with the Pakistani player. She demonstrated her familiarity with Imad Wasim by sharing his personal phone number in a video. Additionally, the woman claimed that her goal was to warn other girls about Wasim. Wasim later referred to these accusations as untrue.

2. Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi Scandals

Shaheen Afridi allegedly made some lewd gestures during a video call with a woman called Hareem Shah in November 2019, according to a video she posted on Twitter. “Check out this video. the cricketer who was engaged in live video masturbation. Hashtag #ShaheenAfridi He claimed to want to speak. A short while after, he began exposing his private area. Is it correct? a woman wrote a caption for the video.

The Pakistani sprinter, however, denied the accusations and asserted that he does not pay heed to unfavourable news that is reported off the field. Later, the woman removed the video.

1. Babar Azam

The fifth name on this list is Babar Azam. The Pakistani captain is embroiled in a scandal after a video of him allegedly s#xting with the spouse of another cricketer went viral on social media. The video’s veracity has not yet been established.

The tweet that included the video read, “Babar Azam s#xting with GF of another Pakistan cricketer and assuring her that her bf won’t be out of the team if she keeps s#xting with him.” It was sent by a verified Twitter user.