9 Rules of Life That Rich People Follow While Poor People Consider Them Stupid


While the advice to read a lot and work less in the office may sound excellent, following them alone will not make you wealthy. It is critical to have a particular mindset and way of thinking, which can be created by certain behaviours. There’s a reason why millionaires have a same approach regarding many things. People who are just scraping by are in the same boat.

We are confident that the life principles followed by successful people are worthy of sharing with our readers.

They don’t say anything.

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Many things are done differently by wealthy people. They don’t brag about their wealth and don’t strive to show it off to the rest of the world.

The wealthiest individuals I know dress either really cheaply or in expensive clothing, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. Those who are attempting to create a good impression and exhibit their wealth, on the other hand, like flaunting their luxury attire. reddit user Bran Solo

Wealthy people frequently downplay their accomplishments and stay “silent” about their financial situation. Their outfits are of high quality and taste, yet nothing stands out too much. Those who are physically covered in labels, on the other hand, desire your attention and want you to believe they are wealthy. reddit / Back2Bach

Excessive and obnoxious excess tells the truth about those who moved from poor to rich quickly or who simply want to feel like they belong in a group of people who are better off.

They look after their health.


Any wealthy person believes that prevention is preferable to cure when it comes to their health.

Concierge medicine is frequently used by the wealthy. They pay a large annual price to have access to whatever care they require whenever they need it, without having to wait for an appointment with a doctor. reddit user LarsAlereon

Everyone who is wealthy I’m aware of a focus on preventative healthcare rather than treatment once a sickness has struck. Of course, they have access to high-quality early detection technologies, but we all have regular medical check-ups that could save our lives. / quora / Anthon Lund

To be healthy, you don’t have to be affluent. Fresh air and a nutritious food, combined with a good night’s sleep and the avoidance of hazardous habits, cost nothing except the effort required to sustain them.

They know how to give and receive.


When money becomes the ultimate objective, a person’s connection to reality is severed. That is why wealthy people donate money to charity and form philanthropic organisations that can aid people in need immediately.

People who are truly fortunate recognise that enormous wealth comes with great responsibilities. Those who do not grasp this concept are unhappy with their lives. They simply dwell in golden cages rather than iron ones. While the middle class may believe that money can buy happiness, the very wealthy have already lost this illusion. So, rather than utilising their status to attach meaning to their lives, the most important thing for them may be to figure out how to give their money meaning and value. / quora / David Frank Gomes

My brother-in-law is a multibillionaire with his own company. He does, however, dress casually in loose slacks and a synthetic down jacket. When my brother asked for a loan, he just handed him a stack of cash and said that it was a gift, not a loan. He’s always been quiet and reserved. He has only been saving and investing his money, aside from buying a nice house and sending his three children to reputable schools.

“Why wouldn’t rich people aid poor people if they have the money to do so?” you might wonder. However, aid should not be assessed in terms of money, and the most essential thing is to participate in the life of another person while putting your own interests aside.

They make time to thank others.


It’s not just about being nice, but it is a necessary quality if you want to feel at ease among the wealthy. The ability to be grateful and show gratitude has a powerful influence on people.

Every affluent person I know expresses gratitude to their banker, gardener, attorney, garbage man, pool boy, and board chairman because they recognise the critical role each of these individuals plays in their success. They value everyone’s contribution and do not take anyone for granted. They make people feel welcome as members of their group. As a result, they receive a lot of collaboration and 100% effort from the people they work with. As a result, they have a lot of success. / quora / Steve Kobrin

“Saying ‘thank you’ is a very unappreciated kind of remuneration for performing your job,” said Robert Townsend, former president of Avis and a 20th Century Fox executive. Simple expressions of thanks can help people connect emotionally and even inspire others.

They recognise the importance of education.


A popular proverb goes, “If you offer a hungry guy a fish, he will eat for a day.” You can feed him for a lifetime if you give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish.” This “rod” is an excellent education.

I know what I’m talking about because a member of my family works as a private wealth manager for wealthy individuals. Rich folks put a lot of money into their schooling. Do their children desire a Maserati? It’s not going to happen, no way! Are their children interested in learning to play the piano? Of course, they’ll be able to take as many piano lessons as they desire. They spend in the greatest professors and universities in order to provide the best education for their children. reddit / Priamosish

My aunt and uncle have a lot of money. They’ve never bought a new car or spoilt their two children in their lives. When I learned how much they paid for their son’s art school, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They spent a total of $100,000! However, their investment has paid off, as their son now works for a major advertising agency in New York. reddit / kieffa

New skills and information open up new possibilities for professional advancement, personal improvement, and wealth accumulation. That is why education is such a long-term investment.

They communicate with people they aspire to be like.


Millionaires are cautious about who they associate with because they understand that commonalities attract and connect them.

“I have pals who have already established their own firm,” says Sergey Kosenko, a young millionaire. You must seek out themes that will allow you to connect with others. If you have ten friends and none of them own a business, you’re likely to discontinue doing business on your own because your peers will not understand you. You’ll have nothing to say, so they’ll lure you into their world, where you work a full day at the office, take scheduled vacations, and get updates about your salary being transferred to your bank account on a regular basis. They’ll also joke that you’d be happier today if you hadn’t quit your work.”

Toxic people would never be allowed to stay in the life of ultra-wealthy people. They will not spend time with impoverished individuals who simply complain about their lives since this is why “poor people only get poorer.” / quora / Ratna Kumar

Experience is valuable, and wealthy individuals believe that it would be foolish to pass up an opportunity to learn from a successful person who is willing to offer their knowledge. They seek for persons who can assist them and share their outlook.

They don’t waste their time attempting to impress others.


The majority of people can now afford to buy most of these items on credit, thus owning pricey items no longer indicates our status.

After my income increased dramatically, I decided not to modify my lifestyle since I immediately discovered that material possessions aren’t a source of happiness. Having too many possessions puts you under stress. Spending money on experiences and trips is preferable. Memories last a lifetime, but objects only make you happy for a little moment. I also don’t make an effort to stay up with my friends and coworkers. You’ll never know the complete truth regarding another person’s financial situation. I knew people who were well-off but were in debt and had no money. reddit user mwatwe01

Buying stuff you don’t need only to show off your financial standing and living on credit are just for people who don’t consider their financial future.

They create a financial safety net for themselves.


People who are extremely wealthy frequently have to deal with “gold diggers” and people who want a piece of their wealth. They’ve learnt to rely entirely on themselves and have established two guidelines to assist them distinguish interpersonal ties from financial ones: they don’t discuss their earnings and have a separate personal account.

I live a life that is the polar opposite of what you’d anticipate from someone who is wealthy. I live in a standard apartment, drive a secondhand car, and buy for clothes at the mall. After a six-year relationship, I decided to end it. After seeing my bank statement, my ex-girlfriend and her mother decided to use me as their personal checking account. It began with small gestures, but I eventually paid off her entire family’s debts. When I confronted her, she replied that if I truly loved her, I’d buy her anything she wanted. As you may have guessed, she became my ex. reddit user MedicGirl

Don’t put all of your savings in a joint account. Create an emergency savings account in your name and deposit a portion of your pay into it. I used to finish my husband’s words, and we used to sing together, and I adored him. There were no indicators that something was wrong. My savings (if I had any) might have come in handy after we broke up. Otherwise, you’ll be left with nothing if your marriage ends. reddit

It’s not so much a matter of trust as it is of perspective. Anyone needs a personal safety net, not because they don’t trust their partner, but because the money could come in handy one day or be used to supplement the family budget. It also gives you a sense of security.

They buy garments that are comfy yet not expensive.


Money may make you happier and help you handle challenges in your daily life. However, even if your money increases, as soon as you acquire all you need, it will begin to offer you less and less satisfaction. Isn’t that a contradiction?

My parents have a lot of money and have worked hard for it. They have three rules: “Don’t buy things to impress people,” “Don’t buy things to impress people,” and “Don’t buy things to impress people.” “Don’t squander your money on high-end automobiles. They lose a lot of value and are expensive to maintain,” and “Save as much as you can and invest as much as you can.” Going out to dinner more than once a week or trying to get all the new gadgets are examples of wasting money. Seriously, folks with a lot of money don’t care about these things. They would rather have a substantial sum of money in the bank. / reddit / powerlesshero111

“I watched folks who worked at Apple and made a lot of money, but they were so unhappy,” Steve Jobs, one of the creators of Apple and Pixar, once said. Some of them purchased Rolls-Royces, and each of them had a manager in charge of their home, as well as a manager above that manager. Their women underwent so many plastic operations that they morphed into bizarre individuals who no longer resembled people. That was not how I wanted to live. It’s insane.”

Well-off people believe that all judgments about how much you can spend should be based on your existing financial circumstances as well as the objective benefits you might receive from owning this specific product.

What rules do you think it would be helpful to follow from the lives of wealthy people?