A Mother Fills Her Baby’s Body With Tattoos and Is Showered With Criticism


Shameka Morris: Unquestionably, every mother raises her child in her own unique manner and employs various techniques to do so. Certain methods, meanwhile, can occasionally be quite contentious since they might jeopardise children’s safety and well-being.

Shameka Morris is a fashion designer with a base in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the United States. Information regarding her habit of tattooing her son Treylin, since he was just six months old, has gone viral on social media. Public concern and attention have both been drawn to this controversy.

Shameka Morris

Here, it is important to stress that Shameka Morris totally tattooed her son’s body, not simply one or two tattoos. The mother has faced harsh criticism as a result of these photographs that have gone through the Internet. Despite this, she is open about her love of tattoos and demonstrates no remorse for what she did.

Even though they are only temporary tattoos, this style of parenting has angered a lot of people. However, the mother has made the decision to not let the criticism from the public intimidate her. She has defended herself on social media by saying: “I don’t care about the judgement of those who criticise me because this is a lifestyle that we enjoy.”

Shameka Morris

Morris said in an interview, “I get a lot of aggressive reactions; people say that I am raising my son as a ‘gangster,’ a ‘thug,’ and that they are not used to seeing a baby with tattoos.”

The mother also brought up a specific instance of rejection: “I conducted a photo session with my brothers in a tattoo shop when I was eight months pregnant. I have since been made fun of on social media. Everyone’s opinions were negative; they predicted that my child would be born covered in tattoos. His skin will be covered in poison. It was insane.

Yes, the general public is aware that these tattoos are temporary, yet the criticism persists despite the fact that it brings some relief. Even while the infant does not fully comprehend what is happening to his body and, in particular, his skin, many people assert that it is severely affecting their child.

Morris has also revealed that she sometimes feels bad because the remarks are so hurtful: “The reaction has been terrible. I know I’m not a bad mother, so it hurts my feelings when people say hurtful things to me.

Even while her parenting skills in other areas may not necessarily be lacking, the fact that she made such a divisive choice about her son’s looks has cast a negative image on her.